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Surely when you have seen people or acquaintances who seem to have complete financial freedom. You wonder, will it be me one day? The safest thing is that time passes and the long- awaited economic independence does not come as. Quickly as you want. Since there may be payment commitments that captivate your savings capacity. Or you live from day to day without considering options for a better future. First of all, it is necessary to be realistic and know that generating wealth is. About how much you earn, but what you do with the money you have. It does not matter what job you have, what your salary is and what professional sector you are in.

The most important thing is the attitude you have about money and how you treat it. From eude business school we bring you three attitudes about money. That you must adopt before becoming financially independent. Tips for financial Mexico phone number freedom.  Your money is chess pieces you must think of your money as if they were chess pieces that you must move strategically. Truly independent people are very good at this and with a little practice you can too. For example, you can invest again in your company, save for a future property purchase. Delegate a task that bothers you, dedicate an amount to a personal investment plan, etc. Avoid unnecessary expenses many people believe that a coin here and a coin there do not make a difference.

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They don’t put a value on small things, however, those small expenses can add up to a significant amount. For this, you must end all those impulsive expenses that you make and that. Really do not contribute anything to your personal or family finances. The sooner you determine what small, unnecessary expenses are in your monthly budget. The sooner you’ll realize how you can avoid them. 3 earn your salary you may find yourself working. A company that allows you to earn a good salary, but ask yourself if you can earn the salary and raise. Your productivity to focus on the tasks that produce the most margin, because they are more efficient.

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Perhaps you can delegate functions optimizing your time and developing your talent. In addition, by adding more value to the company, you will contribute to improving your professional career path. In short, you must begin to see money as your ally and teammate so that it works in your favor. If you spend everything you earn, your ability to save is zero. At EUDE Business School we want to give you the tools to be able to save and have financial knowledge. With our Master in Finance and Financial Management you will be able to develop your professional career in financial entities, as well as carry out personal investments and financial advisory functions.

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Do you want to know the tool that will make it possible for you to work on your business model in a practical, interactive and simple way? Close to 17% of SMEs fail because they do not have an adequate business model . To avoid this, the Canvas model allows you to focus on your business model, segment by segment. What is the canvas model? It is a strategic management tool that allows you to know the key aspects of your business and how they are related and compensate each other. It makes visible the infrastructure, the offer, the clients and the financial situation of your organization, in order to recognize the deficiencies and analyze its performance. The Canvas model is an ideal tool to understand a business model in a more direct and structured way.

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