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As head of an HR master’s program and a professional in this area for more than twenty years, I had never faced a situation like the current one (October 2020): work in companies continues, but the framework of action has change from radical way. Since March 2020, companies around the world are trying to maintain their businesses without certainties about the future. That future has become many futures, and is managed and acte upon day by.

ay. Carefully designe strategies have been blown up, and fear is the emotion installe in the men and women who make the decisions and hold Colombia phone numbers the reins of business. And what is happening with the collaborators? Well, in each of them there coexists both the certainty that they have obligations to fulfill in a new scenario, specifically their home, and a diminishing certainty that this situation is temporary.

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In a period of six months, the trends that had been dominating. The development of the people management area have been interrupt by the effect. Of the covid-19 pandemic, and from my point of view, two considerations must be in this . People are the center of what we do, but now we have to add a new variable: uncertainty. In these months, much has and commented on the effects that confinements and teleworking are having. On workers’ groups. One of the most interesting is the study that man power group.

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Published entitle “Trends in the world of employment. And whose main conclusion indicates that the majority of employed people consider that, regardless. Of the control that is achiev over the pandemic, the new reality will mark a future of work where attendance. At the company’s facilities will be share with the activity carrie out remotely. The first assessments made by both business managers and the workers themselves indicate. That during periods of confinement productivity was maintaine, and even increased, which responds to an eminently human characteristic. The exceptional responses of people in extreme situations.

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However, voices critical of this situation are already beginning to emerge, pointing out precisely that. As these conditions continue for many months, signs of a in work from home beginning to. The CEOs of companies as important as JPMorgan Chase, American Airlines, Microsoft and Morgan Stanley reasonthat this is because we simply adapt to the situation, without real changes in business cultures. One of the clearest examples of this situation is observe in virtual work meetings, where on many occasions the lack of creativity and sterility in the processes of elaboration and development of new ideas and strategies is evident. What then be the role of Human Resources departments?

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