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On november 4, the united states formally withdrew from the global agreement. On climate change in paris , complying with what it had already notified the united nations a year earlier. The irony is that it happened just one day after an election that will end donald. Trump’s term and hand over to joe biden and kamala harris. Faced with this disastrous decision. Joe biden has already promised to immediately annul that decision and undertake more decisive action. Defense of the climate than that included in the rejected commitment. Since coming to power. Trump has withdrawn the us from several multilateral pacts and forums, including the iran nuclear deal. The un human rights council and the united nations educational, scientific and cultural organization.

The former president has always affirmed that climate change is a farce and therefore it is not necessary to comply with international measures. In Chile phone number this way and until this decision is rectified, the US has joined the seven countries that remained on the sidelines of the common efforts to combat the climate crisis: Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Libya, South Sudan, Turkey and Yemen. . However, none of them is as important or has contributed as much to generating the problem of global warming as the first world power.

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Will the us bet on climate change once and for all? The only thing that can be expected is that biden fulfills his electoral program and carries. Out measures such as the clean investment plan of two trillion dollars to help the us achieve net zero emissions in 2050. As proposed by the eu. He also promised 100% emission-free power generation by 2035. It is the responsibility of countries and world organizations to comply with international treaties and agreements. Thus guaranteeing minimum measures to be carried out and fulfilled by all. Climate change is a problem that affects the entire planet and. The only way to mitigate its effects is to fight against them together.

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With our expert program in natural resource management you will learn the skills. Required to analyze the risks to which the assets of organizations are subjected. In addition to applying quality technical and organizational measures, to more adequately manage natural resources in each case. When we look for our professional vocation we must analyze our strengths. Areas of opportunity, talents and interests and review the offer of educational centers until we discover. Which career is the one with which we can achieve our goals and develop our best skills.

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For this reason, today at EUDE Business School we are going to talk to you about one of the most attractive academic options: specializing in finance. And it is that directing your professional career towards this field will help you develop a rigorous scientific, technical and ethical vision of stock and corporate science. So if you are passionate about the business environment and financial markets, you are in the right place! read on and take note. At EUDE Business School we offer a wide academic offer in the area of ​​finance with the possibility of specializing with four master’s degrees in finance dedicated to specific areas within the sector. Up-to-date training adapted to market demands.

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