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Much more is use on Display and Video, which means that Croatia WhatsApp Number List there are many more impressions. As mentioned, Performance Max itself extends traffic to YouTube. If you don’t have a video. It will be made for you. What does Performance Max mean Croatia WhatsApp Number List for SEA? In recent years, Google Ads has been increasingly making campaigns. Ad forms automatically – using the Google algorithm, of course. As Yuval Noah Harari points out in his book (21 Lessons for the 21st Century): machines are increasingly taking over from humans. In the first half of the 20th century this was mainly physical human work that was replac by machines. For the 21st century it is mainly about thinking and thinking processes .

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Personally, I have been critical of the new methods Croatia WhatsApp Number List that Google Ads introduces for some time, but I do try to test as much as possible and learn from them. Often I even compare it to the ‘old times’, but these times are over and will not come back. There have been many changes within SEA in recent years. Those who stick to strategies or tactics that Croatia WhatsApp Number List worked 2-3 years ago will no longer get good results. After all, your competitor does not sit still. A lot of repetitive work is increasingly being taken over by Google Ads (or can no longer be performed), for example creating and improving text ads, setting negatives, checking bids and more. As the owner of an online marketing agency, I think this is a great development for my employees and our customers.

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We can use more and more of our hours tactically and strategically and much less on operational tasks. With this we will increasingly free up our hours Croatia WhatsApp Number List for deeper analyses, even better data feeds, improving the input of content and more. Unstoppable All in all, this is yet another major shift in the SEA landscape, but for now it is positive developments that contribute to the profitability of SEA accounts. It is also a development that cannot be stop. Try Croatia WhatsApp Number List Performance Max, optimize and improve your SEA results. The year has only just begun, or marketers are already startl by the news that Google Analytics is under a magnifying glass at the Dutch Data Protection Authority. Will European privacy legislation kill this widely use tool? January is also an excellent month to look ahead.

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