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We have created a leadership journey for them, with strategic Nigeria WhatsApp Number List themes aimed at inspiring and connecting leadership. Finally, the theme of Hybrid works. This involves, among other things, giving trust, gaining freedom, taking responsibility and being accountable. In 2022 we will balance the best of before Covid (working in the office). During Covid (working from home). And that is trying, falling, getting up and going again. The driving force is maintaining a dialogue with each other, with respect for each other’s wishes.” Cees Ridder: Bind and cuff! Portrait Cees RidderThe Skill Passport to. Which Annelies Leveling refers is in line with the developments that Cees

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Which in turn leads to a decrease in employee Nigeria WhatsApp Number List engagement and productivity. Which in turn affects retention, replacement, training , missed opportunities and customer experience. Bad situation, right? Failure to provide an excellent digital Nigeria WhatsApp Number List employee experience leads to an annoying domino effect As far as I’m concerned, 2022 will be the year of the digital employee experience (#dex). I have been working in the digital field for about 25 years. The employee experience is mainly the field of activity of HR professionals. That is why I ask a number of experts ( as earlier in the Open Up Digitals series ) about what they foresee in 2022.

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This highly experienced professional currently works as HR Nigeria WhatsApp Number List Director at BNP Paribas Personal Finance. The European market leader (20,000 employees) in the field of personal finance. In addition, Cees is a teacher at ICM education & training. “Development Nigeria WhatsApp Number List in the workplace will become even more important in 2022. Many companies are already focusing on ‘lifelong learning’ , whereby the employer invests in the growth of its employees. As far as I’m concerned, the motto is mainly to hold on to your staff, after all, new people are hard to get hold of.

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