How to Perfect the SDR to Slovenia Phone Number AE Handoff

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There’s a moment in every sales transaction, which — I promise you — nobody will ever stop talking about. If it goes well, it’ll strengthen teams like nothing else. If it goes badly… well, fingers Slovenia Phone Number will be pointed. We’re talking about the phase when a prospect changes hands from the SDR to the Account Executive. And since it’s such a sensitive subject, there will always be a discussion around how we can improve it. The ideal handoff is going to depend on what type of organization you’re part of and your company’s current qualification process. The responsibility falls on the SDR to cultivate a relationship of deep understanding with the decision-makers. Pains, authorities, and key needs/impacts should be very clear.


Why is the SDR to Account Slovenia Phone Number Executive handoff so important?


When a conversation starts between a prospect and an SDR, so does rapport. Too little rapport equals Slovenia Phone Number no further conversations. Too much rapport equals potentially lost trust when passing to an AE. Additionally, if the SDR goes too far in their conversation, the AE will unknowingly begin their conversation in a way that forces the prospect to repeat Slovenia Phone Number themselves, creating a poor customer experience. You want a handoff that loses absolutely zero steam. One where information, tone, and timing all continue seamlessly between the sales professionals and everybody wins at the end of the deal.

Other key stakeholders — AEs, sales managers, and perhaps Slovenia Phone Number even customer onboarding — should be kept in-the-loop regarding important findings. A great way to start big deals off on the right foot is to have a deal desk process. Basically, it’s a place where SDRs, AEs, and other relevant positions can meet and discuss what needs to be done to efficiently close special deals.

What type of sales cycle does your Slovenia Phone Number have?

The perfect handoff will look different depending on Slovenia Phone Number what type of product you’re selling and how long your sales cycle lasts. First, let’s define a couple of key terms. Consultative Selling. It takes time. The deals tend to be larger. There are multiple stakeholders on your end and multiple decision-makers on theirs. Deal cycles tend to be shorter. Transactional Selling. It’s fast. There’s an immediate need. There is likely one (maybe two) decision-makers on their end. Deals tend to be smaller and cycles, shorter.

This meeting isn’t a free-for-all. Preferably Slovenia Phone Number, the information is readily available in your team’s CRM or lead tracking software. This way it’s visible to anybody who will interact with the account during the sales, onboarding, and customer success phases.

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