Perfecting Facebook Ad Placement Strategy

Facebook is the most extensive social media network in the world, which makes it the perfect advertising environment. Many things go into a successful advertisement, and Facebook Ad placement strategy is one of the most important ones.

The places where your advertisements show up are call placements.

Putting your advertisements in the right places can significantly impact your click-through rates (CTRs) by a significant margin. In addition, sometimes up to 400%. Furthermore, it can make the price of your advertisement skyrocket. Which is also an important metric to take into account.


Higher CTRs are treated as higher conversion rates, so the difference in conversion can be very prominent in different kinds of Facebook Ad Placements.

Types of Facebook Ad Placements


In this section, we’ll cover all the different kinds of Facebook Ad Placements. We’ll talk about them in-depth and give a thorough explanation of what each one is, what it does, and how it works.

Ads That Appear On the Facebook Platform

News Feed Ads

Newsfeed ads are one of the most popular types of Facebook ads. This Facebook Ad placement strategy is ideal for attracting attention because it occupies the most significant Facebook page’s most considerable portion – the News Feed. This type of advertisement placement shows your content to your targeted demographic while they browse the website.

The ads are beneficial as they promote conversion-friendly desktop browsers that tend to follow through more than their mobile counterparts.

Right Column Ads

Sadly, right Column Ads are pretty pricey, especially compared to News Feed ads, which arguably perform better.

They don’t offer CTA buttons and occupy a smaller amount of space on Facebook’s UI. However, they can be pretty useful, especially if generating conversions is not your primary goal. They’re a fantastic and cost-effective way to reach a broader audience, especially when combined with targeted and retargeted advertisements.

Mobile Feeds

Mobile feeds are just like news feeds, but they’re optimise for smart devices.

They’re a very effective way to raise brand awareness and promote conversions. While mobile is less likely to result in conversions than desktop, it’s still great for promoting your brand.

Mobile news feed ads are great if you’re looking for longevity. Mobile is gaining more popularity, and it’s only going to get more popular. Now, with some clever targeting, you can boost engagement, augment likes, and encourage mobile users to interact with your advertisements by installing your app – or even sell eCommerce products.

Many eCommerce products that are seen on mobile news feeds are later purchased on desktops, making this Facebook ad placement strategy great for eCommerce. Good mobile feed ads are always going to be some sort of product and service. Good mobile feed ads always have a visual element to them as well as a price and “buy now” button. Amazon, AliExpress, and GearBeast are well known for their mobile feeds ads.

Instant Articles

Instant Articles are the go-to ad placement method if you want to deliver a lot of information subtly. They’re present in a mobile-only format that is essentially an entire web page that features articles with images and videos that load up fast.

This Facebook Ad placement strategy is not known for its conversion rates, but it is instrumental since it pop up directly in the news feeds – keeping everything centralised on Facebook’s mobile platform.

They’re fantastic remarketing tools that are far more affordable than most of the other placements, and they allow you to create an additional touchpoint in the Facebook sales funnel.

These advertisements load up ten times faster than other ads, significantly diminishing bounce rates, and support all kinds of different media such as Tweets, YouTube Videos, and images. Ads displayed in Instant Articles load ten times faster than regular web ads, allowing marketers to earn more from impressions and clicks.

They also allow media like YouTube videos, Tweets, and images and reactions from users themselves.

In-stream Videos


Another Facebook Ad placement strategy is In-stream videos. In-stream videos are a type of advertisement that runs between two other videos. They have three different placement options, which are pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll. These can be served on third-party websites linked to the Facebook Audience Network, which is beneficial for improving your reach.

However, these have relatively low conversion rates than other types of placement, and they also have a minuscule inventory.

It’s an outstanding placement if you’re looking to add a short 5-15 second midroll video advertisement. About 70% of people that see these ads will let them go on in their entirety, and these ads have a 10% more prominent reach than mobile news feed ads alone.

In-stream videos have a lower CPI (Cost Per Impression) than most other ad placements and are great for introducing people to your brand.

Suggested Videos


The next Facebook Ad placement strategy is Suggest videos. Suggested videos are a mobile-only advertisement placement that runs a prolonged feed of suggested videos. They play automatically once the video before them has finished, making them fantastic for improving brand awareness.

It’s a very natural and organic way to bring your company and video content to your target demographic, and it’s far less intrusive than other types of video ads. Since these are mobile-only, their targeted demographic is usually people who go with lower follow-through and click-through rates.

Be that as it may, suggested videos are still a fantastic way to increase post engagement, mobile app installs, video views, interaction, and brand awareness.

Marketplace Ads


Marketplace advertisements are standard Facebook ads that show up on the marketplace for both mobile and desktop users. These kinds of Facebook Ad placement strategy are far more affordable alternative than Google and provide a fantastic way to connect people with the items they’re looking for.

Facebook marketplace advertisements are fairly new to many Facebook users, so they don’t provide Austria Phone Number List nearly as many users as other marketplace ads such as those on Amazon and eBay.

Such placements are great for targeting users looking to buy rather than those who are just interest in the products. Marketplace ads allow you to reach people where they shop and offer them a side-by-side advertisement for products and services.

It’s one of the best placements for companies with a local demographic, especially for local brick-and-mortar locations.

Ads that appear on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Facebook Messenger is the second most popular messaging app globally, and it’s regularly use by 1.3 billion people every month. It’s safe to say that this is one of the better marketing platforms on the internet as a whole.

Home Ads


Home ads on Facebook Facebook Messenger are the most standard and typical ad placement on the platform. They are fantastic if you’re looking to reach customers instantly and keep a track record of the conversions and the response rates.

This Facebook Ad placement strategy allows you to instantly engage the customers without being annoying or intrusive and scaring off potential prospects.


Sponsored messages are another very subtle but powerful way to get your products or services to the right people. They’re messages sent directly to people who have already engag with your page. It’s a fantastic way to target Facebook users, and it takes up a significant portion of the screen. So it’s not easy to miss.

It’s instrumental if you’re looking to deliver custom messages to people that are looking to see them. In addition, and since it’s delivered directly to the inbox, making it a great Facebook ad placement strategy. It keeps everything on one neat, clean platform – and allows you to send messages 24/7 once the user has interacted.

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