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Being late Being late shows that you are unable to manage your schedule or, worse, that the meeting is not important to you. Or that you like to attract attention and make a grand entrance… Ideally, you should arrive on time, ready to make a good impression. 3. Disconnect Some of the meeting participants only pay attention when the topic is related to their area or interests. At that point, they are paying attention and contributing, but when the topic changes, they openly signal that they are no longer interested. They stop making eye contact with anything other than their phone. Or they rattle on their laptops, clearly working on something unrelated to the meeting.

If you want to be successful in the meeting, commit to participating throughout the meeting. 4. Sleep or yawn When you sit in a meeting, you show people that you are engaged and interested. When you lag behind you are sending a disrespectful and El salvador phone number easily bored message. Good posture makes a good impression, and that’s what personal branding is all about. Do not laugh too much and do not yawn, it is a clear sign of boredom and disinterest. 5. Use the phone It’s rude to log out of the meeting, but it’s even worse to log out by logging into your Instagram account or email inbox. If it’s too tempting, put your phone in your pocket or bag, or better yet, leave it on your desk and you won’t have to worry.

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At eude business school we know the importance of caring for personal. Work relationships and maintaining a good attitude during meetings. With our program in management and direction in human resources. You will be able to master all the strategies related to talent management and the good direction of work teams. Every october 16 the international boss day is celebrated , this date is due to a rather curious story. Patricia bays haroski. A young woman who worked as a secretary at the state farmn insurance company in deerfield. Illinois, who forgot the birthday of her boss, who also happened to be her father. She was so overwhelme. With work that she ended up forgetting such an important day.

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In compensation, the next day he registered. The boss’s day, at the headquarters of the united states chamber of commerce that was in his city and four years later. The governor of illinois, otto kerner, approved his request and since then he has been celebrate this day. The main objective of this day is to highlight the work carried out by the bosses, highlighting their skills. Competencies and characteristics. What are the qualities of a good leader? Clear and precise communication. A large part of a manager’s job is to know how to convey the company’s strategy both internally. Externally so it must be clear and concise, thus ensuring that the message is understood correctly.

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Good organization to plan objectives and strategies that are achievable. Set a good example: due to the relevance they occupy, they are always under continuous observation, both by the rest of the employees and by other superiors. For this reason, they are sometimes considered role models, so they must set a good example and behave responsibly. They give support: that is, they seek to help each member of the group understand what their task is and how to achieve it in case of doubts. Negotiation: every boss must be able to reach positive agreements in times of conflict. Being a good boss requires a lot of perseverance and empathy with the workers, among his objectives, he must ensure that his team has a good work atmosphere and reaches the objectives set.

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