Practical Marketing Tips for Black Friday

Black Friday is now a staple of the yearly retail calendar. A time when brands across every sector can boost awareness. Drive customer engagement, and most importantly, boost their winter sales.

Considered by many as the official start of the holiday season. In additionBlack Friday is an ideal opportunity to get in front of your target audience. And put your promotional flag in the eCommerce mountain.

Last year, despite enduring a COVID Christmas, women in the UK spent an average of £243 on Black Friday sales, men parted with an average of £349. While studies predict that average spend per person is still trying to adjust to post-Covid behavior, people are still willing to shop. According to Think With Google, shoppers across Europe, The Middle East, and Africa started their festive shopping in June.

While Black Friday is indeed a prime time for brands looking to stand out from the pack and boost their sales, it is a saturated space.


To make a real mark this Black Friday, it’s essential you meet the needs of your customers head on in a way that’s authentic and original.

Offering a deal or discount and hoping for the best this Black Friday period will only get you so far. To maximize your sales and grow your brand fanbase, aiming to stand out from the Black Friday pack is the only way.

Black Friday marketing trends

By getting to grips with emerging consumer trends, you can leverage the right channels or touchpoints to your advantage. Here we’re going to explore some essential Black Friday trends while offering practical marketing tips or takeaways for your brand-boosting consideration.

1. Customer loyalty incentives

Did you know? 52% of consumers say that loyalty programs are one of the main reasons they choose certain retailers or brands.

The customer loyalty scheme is a potential promotional force. Such schemes or programs give consumers a perceived level of personal value that can transform a one-time purchaser into a repeat buying brand advocate.

Creating a dedicated Black Friday loyalty scheme signup landing page or email—like this example from Cupcakes & Cashmere—incentivizing consumers to commit for early access to Black Friday deals, you will grow your audience in advance of the big day.

This approach will not only ensure you earn a healthy number of Black Friday sales, but with droves of new loyalty scheme customers at your fingertips, you will increase engagement during your Christmas and New Year marketing campaigns. An excellent return on investment (ROI).

Takeaway: Gaining access to exclusive content, deals, and discounts is a winning incentive for customers across almost every age demographic. Use your most engaged channels to offer ‘early bird’ or ‘exclusive VIP’ Black Friday deal access, and you’ll earn more sales as well as ongoing customer loyalty.              best database provider

When you’re sending out your Black Friday loyalty scheme incentive content, be as personable as possible while highlighting some of your best Black Friday loyalty scheme deals or perks in the copy. Doing so will encourage more people to sign up.

2. Themed Campaigns

To develop a themed Albania Phone Number campaign that stands out from the pack. In addition, you should focus on your strongest marketing channel or touchpoint. And focus on delivering a strong hook that will resonate with your audience.

If you’re a sustainable clothing brand, for example. In addition, you could use the 2021 COP26 Summit to create social media ads product selections based on. The conference’s main news or topics. Or, if you sell tailored running shoes. In addition, your Black Friday campaign theme (or hook) could hone in on. The power of personal endurance and individuality—offering a free. Trainer consultation and purchase discount to those looking to level-up their winter training efforts.

One of the most prolific themed Black Friday marketing aficionados is the outrageous games brand, Cards Against Humanity. Each year, the brand delivers a Black Friday prank. With content that turns heads, and hooks people in with a discount or two.

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