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There are special situations to consider when configuring your scroll depth tracking in Google Tag Manager. You may need to use additional configuration or different tracking for these scenarios. Your page might be  Logo Designs Service shorter so you might want to remove some of these lower scroll depth percentages, like 25%, in your trigger. Depending on how long your page is or the height of your page if you Logo Designs Service want to you might want to consider removing 50% as well but that’s up to you. . What scroll depth percent would you want to count that as an engaged session? Some websites have infinite scrolling where if a user scrolls to the bottom of the page, then more content will load each time the user does so. For that scenario, an element visibility trigger would be more appropriate.

Don’t Have to Logo Designs Service Add Zero to the Percentages

Whenever a page loads then this trigger would automatically fire. Even without the user scrolling, the page will always be at at least zero percent scroll depth. That won’t tell you much. You’ll want to consider for your own  Logo Designs Service website whether you want to add lower percentages. For example, five, ten, and even 25 percent, you want to  figure out what your minimal scroll depth percent would be If you have content or an informational site, you can use scroll tracking and keep this non-interaction hit field set to false. That way your bounce rate metric will speak more accurately to the engagement of the users.

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Another Thing Logo Designs Service You Want to Consider Is the

Non-interaction hit. That setting will affect the bounce rate. By default, the non-interaction  Logo Designs Service hit is set to false. That means Google Analytics will count this as an interaction if the engagement from the user matches the condition for the trigger. Google Analytics wil Logo Designs Service l not count this as a bounce if users only view that single page and do nothing else but just scroll.

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