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The US National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce report in 2017 that LGBT own and operate businesses contribut more than $1.7 trillion to the US economy. high bohemians American professor Richard Florida is known for his concept of “high bohemians”. He argues Slovenia WhatsApp Number List that metropolitan regions with high concentrations of techies. Artists, musicians, lesbians and gay men show a higher level of economic development. Florida refers to these groups collectively as the “creative class.” He has design his own ranking systems that rate cities on. A “Bohemian Index”, a “Gay Index”, a “Diversity Index” and similar criteria.

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Although his theories are not undisput, it is interesting Slovenia WhatsApp Number List that he attributes. An important role to LGBT people in the well-being of a city. And that is also respect – and appreciation. Support as an overarching value What is missing in this series is Slovenia WhatsApp Number List Support. However, that is an overarching value that follows from this formula and its elements. Is promote by reaching the finish line step by step. From ridiculous to inclusive, from representation to respect. From the ‘ in your face’ visibility of Bressot (as early as 1989!) to the casual representation of ABN AMRO.

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Conclusion The defin formula is an illustration of what Slovenia WhatsApp Number List marketing, advertising and communication can mean for growing respect for each other, and for LGBT people in particular. However, if a brand, a or advertising agency or a Slovenia WhatsApp Number List marketing company were to go down this road, it would be more than just praiseworthy. It is also good for your company and the bottom line ( inside joke ). Because there are no fewer than 4 reasons to put your diversity into practice – plus two bonus reasons . The Belgian Data Protection Authority rule on 2 February 2022 that the Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) of IAB Europe does not comply with the GDPR for several reasons.

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