Reasons to Adopt a Scalable Brazil Phone Number

Every growing organization has important thresholds to cross. For startups, the thresholds could include the day you incorporate, the day you get your first investment, or the day you start making a profit. But growing companies can hold themselves back when Brazil Phone Number they grow beyond the tools that they use. That’s when it’s time to evaluate a new platform. Flash back to 2015: We had just achieved 100% year-over-year growth. While our demand generation team celebrated this victory, we knew that with a lead database swelling to 70,000 entries and Brazil Phone Number counting, we needed to embrace a more sophisticated, enterprise-grade marketing automation platform.

Are Exploding So Why Go Brazil Phone Number

Markets one-to-one when you can go one-to-many? That was the question that led Modernize to adopt Marketo. Here are three ways that Marketo has allowed us to tackle the challenge of scaling our marketing processes for growth. Reach Everyone at the Right Time at Scale With our previous platform, we could reach a lot of people at once. But only by manually building lists in Excel and then uploading it to our system. Making the move to a more Brazil Phone Number sophisticated marketing automation system allowed us to easily scale up from lead numbers in the hundreds to the tens of thousands.

With Our New Instance We Can Brazil Phone Number

Brazil Phone Number

Now,  reach our entire database with one email blast if needed, while also maintaining the ability to segment and personalize. We can create smart lists that pull audiences based on data already housed in the system. And as we bring in new leads, we can build and update all kinds of information—from geographic location to company name and industry. We Brazil Phone Number can also keep track of behavior. Such as when a recipient opens an email, clicks links on landing pages, and more. The ability to connect with thousands of leads without all the grunt work. Now that’s truly priceless. Marketo Smart List Example of a Marketo Smart List Relying on outdated or manual marketing processes

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