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Of leadership or what is better, shared leadership within high-performance teams. At this point, as I said before, one of the paradigmatic changes. We are currently experiencing is precisely due to the questioning of the “Old skills. Skills that are corseted and adjusted to more industrialized and procedural models. Currently we see that creativity. Freedom, self-management, self-regulation and the fact of returning to your space with teleworking. Working in your own ecosystem, completely changes the cultural scheme of the company. Which we were accustomed.

Now the ecosystem, the culture of many companies is intermingled with teleworking at home. The basic question is: Do we work in the office the same as at home? Do we behave in the office in the same way as at home?… The answer is clearly NO. We Pakistan phone number don’t do it the same way because at home “it can be us” but at work “we find emotional barriers”. At home we uncover the Shadow and at work we Hide it. That shadow that we cast at home also allows us to unleash our creativity, our autonomy, our essence. It is very striking to see how the KPIs and the performance values ​​have not only not gone down but have gone up, so this is a very clear indicator of the shadow, that which we hide that we do not do or that we leave aside at work.

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And of which we do not make others participate, it is what makes the joint potential rise and add.A work team is made up of people, each with their emotions and needs, which will greatly influence how satisfied they will be with their jobs. Employee satisfaction is necessary for a business to be profitable and maintain its competitiveness in the market. To maintain this, leaders must work hard and ensure a good work environment within their teams. What is job satisfaction? Job satisfaction is a subjective experience and serves to know the degree of conformity of an employee with respect to their working conditions and the values ​​they share with the company.

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However, If we take as a reference a survey conducted by Gallup worldwide, only 15% of full-time workers are satisfied with their work. Given this bleak figure, what factors should we know that influence motivation? From EUDE Business School, we present some factors that influence motivation and job satisfaction. However, Respectful treatment and equal conditions for all employees. Relationship of proximity and trust between the boss and his work team. Salary that adjusts to the expectations of the worker. Bonuses and social benefits. Opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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However, Fellowship and good work environment. What can be to improve the job satisfaction of your team? However, Meet your team. The first step in getting employees to be with what they do and their organization is knowing. What your team thinks and knowing their worries and concerns. However,  Only when the circumstances of the are known decisions. That improve their quality of life. Which areas job satisfaction can be. It is time to take measures and propose solutions.

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