It’s Not Rocket Science It’s Easy to See Why

Often have a great return on investment. But a poor landing page can mean wasted paid advertising budget and a diffuse lead generation strategy. Long forms, awkward elements, poor copy, and a lack of actual product or service information can all divert a visitor from your lead generation marketing funnel. Smaller companies will also have to strive to not look amateurish compared to big players in the industry. You’ll need to optimize your landing pages and make sure you haven’t forgotten any of the basics of persuasion or consumer psychology.

They’re Cheap, Easy to Modify

Eliminate all distracting links and from the page. Make sure Hospital Mailing Lists there are 0% opportunities for the user to click. Provide all the information you need on one page to land the lead. (use a paid service like leadformly to help you automatically generate optimized landing pages)go for landing page elements that add to your brand narrative. For example, a video presentation of your services can work well and attract inquiries. Chatbots are another exciting way to make your landing pages stickier. Automated chatbots can be programmed to initiate conversations with your site visitors.

Set Up Remarketing Sequences on Facebook

Hospital Mailing Lists

Generating leads through social media is an affordable marketing tactic for small businesses. Using facebook’s segmentation tools, you can set up retargeting campaigns to find people who have previously interacted with your brand through the platform. Setting up retargeting ads in the right sidebar can help trigger memories of interactions with your brand in the past. You can also set up the video ad as a paid “First push” to a targeted segment, then use the retargeting options to send a secondary post to their mobile news feed. Facebook has also installed a paid lead generation campaign option.

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