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What is a sales dashboard?
Dashboard is a term that originates in the english language and can be translated into portuguese as “control panel”. In the business context. It is a dashboard that shows important information for the company. A sales dashboard. Therefore. Is a panel that brings data from the commercial area.

Often displayed continuously in the office. On a Finland Phone Number corporate tv. The commercial area dashboard works as a visual report. Continuously updated as new information — the closing of a sale. For example — is included. So the team can track progress as they work.

The idea is that this information can be easily consulted. Just a glance to understand how the sales area is in relation to the number of closed deals. Percentage of goals achieved and other data that the company deems important.

With a good commercial dashboard.

Salespeople and leaders do not need to make calculations or access unintuitive spreadsheets. In moments. It is possible to know how the team is performing in a given period.

If performance is not performing as expected. Leadership can adapt strategies to ensure that the target is reached at the end of the month.

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Why use a sales dashboard? Discover 4 advantages of the tool
now that you know what a sales dashboard is. Let’s talk in detail about the tool’s advantages:

easy access to information
the dashboard allows you to easily view information. Which is useful for both salespeople and managers. Both can make a quick read of the current scenario. Thus. Everyone is aligned and the sales area still gains transparency.

Informed decisions with the information available.

Sales management can make decisions based on reliable numbers. With this. It is possible to correct the route when necessary in an accurate way.

Automation of manual work
when the commercial area uses an automated dashboard. Salespeople only have to worry about entering updated data. The calculations and organization of information in a visual way are done automatically. This saves salespeople time. Which they can devote to sales. And also reduces the chance of errors.

Team motivation of course. However. Presenting the data of the entire team on the dashboard can help them understand how each one’s work contributes to achieving the sales goal. This promotes team integration and helps motivate professionals.

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