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Voice search is a technology that allows you to say a voice command to access information on. Google and other search engines. Companies like Amazon. Apple, and Microsoft created voice technologies and aliases like Siri and Alexa to be your sidekick that helps you find information on the web. But, how do these companies decide which information best answers the questions you ask?

Ever since the Hummingbird update, Google focuses on ranking relevant content to each search with more intensity. What does this have to do with voice search? When your audience asks a question, the leading article most relevant to the question they asked will be sent to them.

Voice search is essential because as more voice technologies develop, consumers will use them more frequently. Google will react accordingly. First, we saw the switch to mobile-first indexing. When will we see voice-first indexing?

Obtaining the Featured Snippet

Featured snippets are one of the most sought after spots on Google search engine results pages (SERPs). Why is that?

Not only do featured snippets hold position 0, but they tend to answer the question or search query in the best way (in Google’s eyes). The average voice search query is about 29 words long. To receive the envied featured snippet and be favored in the voice search, answer the question your audience is asking, include essential details, but keep it brief.

Start by answering their question and implement it above the fold on the web page you are aiming to rank, preferably in the first paragraph. For example, let’s look at the question: “What is the best recipe for apple pie?” When you look at the voice search results, you see that an apple pie recipe from Taste of Home pops up as the first result.

When you dive into the same search from a desktop, the same recipe holds the featured snippet at position 0.


On the web page Google links to, the ingredients are placed above the fold and are structured so Google can easily retrieve essential information for the featured snippet. Therefore, it wins the number one position on voice search and the featured snippet for desktop and mobile. Overall, this helps increase traffic to your page. Sounds good, yeah?  You Cayman Islands Phone Number can learn more about optimal featured snippet lengths here.

Become Mobile Friendly + Improve Site Speed

Cayman Islands Phone Numbers
Cayman Islands Phone Numbers

As previously discussed, Google spent the past two years indexing websites to be mobile-first optimized. What does this mean? Your website is indexed based on its mobile version (or how it appears in a mobile view). Why is this important? Mobile-friendly devices and voice assistants are where the majority of voice searches are performed, and therefore, where the majority of your optimization efforts should be placed.

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