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I admit, their 404 is not a graphic masterpiece. But you don’t Turkey WhatsApp Number List have to. Their 404 is 100% Coolblue: At the top is a piece of microcopy in the format that we know from Coolblue: Oops. Wrong turn . The image shows a compass in their corporate identity color blue. A friendly bottom line makes it clear that Coolblue is happy to help you find your way back. A clear button Turkey WhatsApp Number List helps you to go back to the homepage. I think Coolblue’s copywriting is unique. So I’m excited to see that even their 404 has gotten the attention it deserves! 2. Clap Best Dutch 404 Pages – Klap The 404 of insurance company Klap starts strong. The humorous image already eases the pain a bit, after which they make it clear in words that they want to help you.

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They suggest using their tips and search function, or the big button Turkey WhatsApp Number List that leads you back to the homepage. What I especially like about Klap, though, is that their 404 page doesn’t end there. Because we find more useful info. Best Dutch 404 Pages – Clap Turkey WhatsApp Number List Continued Klap gives the visitor a few reasons why the 404 page might be shown. This is smart, because this is how they explain to their visitor that the 404 does not appear due to Klap’s incompetence, but due to external circumstances. As icing on the proverbial cake, there is a search bar on the screen that you cannot ignore.


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Handy to still find the content you were looking for! 3. Lego Best 404 Page Ever – Lego Lego ‘s 404 page is pretty simple: a full-screen background photo, a headline, a line Turkey WhatsApp Number List of text, and a button. Nevertheless, this page radiates personality. The Lego man’s startled expression fits the theme perfectly. The line ‘But don’t worry, everything is STILL GREAT!’ gives a positive Turkey WhatsApp Number List boost. All of this will give you a 404 experience that you won’t mind bumping into at all. 4. Mantra Labs 404 page Mantra Labs Mantra Labs ‘ 404 page is stunning to the eye and therefore deserves a spot on this list. The text ‘Oops! You have no more oxygen’ is an original variation on the old ‘This page no longer exists’.

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