Social Media Link Building Strategies

The role of social media marketing in link building is not so obvious. Some marketers are skeptical of social signals affecting their rankings. Some separate their social media marketing and link building with different methods and goals. But as it recently turned out, these people seem to be a minority. There are many blog posts that highlight the ineffectiveness of social media link building. Yet they now seem irrelevant based on a new study of how seo experts do link building . The results showed that a majority of experts use social media primarily for link building and here are the findings:88% of seos include links in social profiles 81% share their content on social networks 53% are experimenting with viral campaigns like social media contestshere is a table explaining the level of effectiveness based on category by seo power suite .

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Most specialists and if you are one of them, this Canadian CFO Email Lists post is for you. Include links to your social profiles many people think that social media for seo is useless for a simple reason that social media links are not followed. Even youtube, tumblr, linkedin and google+, which were once exceptions to this rule, have now joined the movement. Reddit is the only exception here, but marketing on the platform is a herculean task. If you want to market your product on reddit, it must be extremely valuable to the sub-community, especially for link building to work. And if you post shitty content and try to complain about your product on reddit, you risk getting banned.

That Said, You Just Can’t Ignore Social Media Link

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What about social signals? What about the traffic that emanates from links in a user’s news feed. Seo expert and affiliate marketer matthew woodward shares some great insights on building backlinks from social media in his tutorial . On facebook, for example, woodward suggests the following: add your website link to contact add your website link whenever you post something to your timeline, including photos and videospin your website link to your group. The same goes for your other social media business pages. Include links to images, descriptions, cover photos, etc. There is no harm in doing so, but there is huge traffic potential. Make your content stand out one of the biggest challenges of social media marketing is getting your content seen.

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