Stories Just Two or Three Years

In a world of artificial intelligence and automation, chatbots are gaining popularity as a way to streamline customer service . Years ago chatbots were clumsy and robotic and anyone who used them in customer support would have lost all the customers who interacted with them. Fast forward to the present day and you will find bots helping customers with a remarkable success rate. A few years ago, gartner predicted that 20% of the content commercial businesses will publish today will be machine-generated. On messenger, there are already over 100,000 active bots that help marketers better connect with their audience. Expect that number to grow exponentially throughout 2018.

Increased Use of  Ago

The concept of “Stories” was quite alien to most Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists social media users. Today, most people on social media sites are familiar with and use stories. They are growing in popularity as more people and brands start using them. Marketers need to watch this space carefully and create strategies to consistently leverage stories on facebook and instagram. After using tools like growr to organically grow your following on instagram, it helps to know how to create stories content to keep this new audience engaged with your brand. One way to do this is to tell them about the content you’ve posted elsewhere.

Live Content Will Appeal to the Masses Live Content

Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists

The live content has caught the attention of many social media users who are taking the opportunity to get answers to some of the questions they have about the brand and the people behind it. Live content also puts a face to the brand, which increases the likelihood that subscribers will engage with it in the future. Marketers also take advantage of this feature to do live product demos. People connect with you more when you engage with them live. It feels good to have your question answered live on periscope or facebook live.

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