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It goes without saying, but many people don’t have the gift of writing well. Remember to keep your content engaging, concise, and error-free, especially if you want to be noticed. Research your competitors spend some time studying your competitor’s pages as you can find plenty of content promotion opportunities. Try to look at industries related to your niche and not always your direct competitors. Create permanent content creating permanent content should be your ultimate goal, especially if you want people to link to the long-term post. For example, a blog post on “holiday marketing ideas” can attract new traffic every christmas and halloween. Translate your existing content now, this is still something that is ignored by many people. If you want to get more visibility and more backlinks, translate your existing content.

News site every industry may not have

Acontent community or niche news site, but most do. In digital Canadian CEO Email Lists marketing, for example, there’s And there’s which has articles on almost everything. Try to find similar websites related to your industry. A powerful platform for sharing your posts is viral content bee . On this platform, other users share your content on social networks provided that you do the same. Just stay active and keep sharing. Submit to social media communities social media communities are of paramount importance, especially for link building. There are linkedin groups, facebook groups , google+ communities, and captions.

On These Communities, Interact With Members by

Canadian CEO Email Lists

Reading and writing valuable comments on their posts. Try to answer their questions and they might end up borrowing your stunning content and connecting with you. Learn how to create viral content creating viral content is the hardest but fastest way to earn backlinks. Take the example of brian dean from backlinko. To date, he has published less than 30 articles but shared by thousands of readers around the world. While some content may go viral by chance, much is created by experienced marketers who have the dexterity of viral marketing.

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