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It does not mean that this manager stays on the sidelines, since when necessary he gives advice, but without imposing his ideas. This supposes a greater motivation for the workers, since they feel valued and autonomous. Being a leader requires a lot of dedication and effort to guarantee the well-being of your workers. At EUDE Business School we trust in the leadership that ensures a good working environment, for this reason, we have an MBA program through which you can acquire all the skills to guarantee success within your work team.For a few years the climate issue has been in the spotlight. Specifically, last year was one of the three warmest years on record.

Many initiatives have been taken since then with the aim of protecting the climate, from the US elections, the European stimulus plans, through the carbon neutrality plans of the main oil companies. All this has a single objective: to encourage Hong kong phone number list society as a whole so that by 2050, we can live in a world in which the increase in temperature remains below 2ºC . Faced with this enormous challenge, we all have a role to play: companies, citizens, organizations, non-governmental, etc. For its part, finance must help and accelerate this collective effort by directing capital massively and pragmatically towards the companies that will determine tomorrow.

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Main challenges to achieve the goals of the paris climate agreement. We logically think of financing companies that offer concrete solutions to environmental problems. These solutions can have a direct environmental impact, like the french renewable energy company neoen. Or an indirect one, like dassault systemes , whose software allows vehicles and buildings to be design. In the race for the climate, investors often write off some companies, such as those in fossil energy. Should they be excluded and left in the hands of perhaps less considerate investors? Or invest in them and interact with them to accelerate their transition. If the goal is to contribute to the transition of the economy as a whole, we cannot ignore. These companies as long as they make honest commitments.

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Given this reality and the urgency to act, we believe that impact funds. An investment strategy aimed at contributing to the climate transition in europe, by investing in responsible. And committed companies. This type of fund offers. A pragmatic and innovative response to the challenges of climate change, by financing company profiles. Whose climate maturity is evaluated and monitored using proprietary technology. Finally, it is essential to ensure that the dynamics of change in which the company finds itself takes into account its negative external factors. For example, job destruction, so that the climate transition is also a just transition for society as a whole.

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However, This new investment solution promotes difference, and from the institutions. It is considere an ambitious business project focuse on the consideration of climate risks. Caring about the climate and protecting the environment are the main challenges that companies have to face. At eude business school. We have a master’s degree in environmental management and technology with which you can train as a true professional. Betting on the field of environmental management. That telecommuting is a model of work activity that allows you to work. However, Whatever the location, with the only requirement of having a computer and an internet connection. Is, by now, more than known to everyone.

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