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Governing a big country is like cooking small fresh food. Now you decide to add salt, spread the salt and let it stand for frying. Sprinkle salt while frying. After frying, dip the salt in the pan. How to add the Taoist salt is a very important issue for the Wei Dynasty. Bamboo Forest School said, eat salted fish. All the “just right” is done before the pot. This is the perfect combination of Confucianism and Taoism. Seven_Sages_of_the_Bamboo_Grove Photo Credit: Seven Sages in the Big Brick Wall Bamboo Forest at Xishan Temple in Nanjing @ public domain “The Seven Sages of Bamboo Forest and Rong Qiqi”, Ji Kang is on the lower left The way Ji Kang cultivated is no longer the simple way of Lao Zhuang. This is also another feature of the Bamboo Forest School:

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Cultivation of Immortals. Ji Kang’s well-known book is “On Health Care”.

The title of the book may not seem like much, but this is perhaps the most important origin of martial arts and immortals in Chinese literature. Let’s take Jin Yong as an example. Jin Yong’s novels are a faction that often describes the content of “Martial Arts Secrets”. The most specific one is “Xing Xing Xing”. To put it simply, the so-called Morocco Phone Number secrets look like ordinary articles when they are written. But through interpretation by someone who understands, a mediocre description may have a set of exercises hidden in it. Different people interpret it, and it will become a completely different content – this is what “Xia Ke Xing” wants to express. Jin Yong has said that he later read the “Diamond Sutra”, and then he

Realized that Buddhism has a thorough understanding of this “name and appearance”.

What are you doing with this? “Health Theory” is talking about this. Some people say that it is possible to cultivate gods and immortals without dying, and some people say that the highest age of human beings is 120, and those who exceed it are all demons. Which of these two statements is correct? This is how the “Health Theory” begins. In a more modern scientific way, Ji Kang believes that those descriptions of the past

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