The Best SEO Tools in 2020 to Scale and Automate Your SEO

Search engine algorithms are always changing, so you need to have a smart approach to be able to adapt to those changes quickly. I know, it sounds like a lot of work. However, there are several SEO tools that can help you with this and with getting your site optimized.

Furthermore, paid SEO tools can be expensive and the free options may not have all the features you need. So when searching for the best SEO tools online, you have to not only think about your needs but your budget as well.

That’s why we took all these factors into consideration when putting the top SEO tools to the test. We found tools that will cover any need and many are budget-friendly or even free. From Ahrefs to Yoast, we bring you the best SEO tools to help scale and automate your SEO!


What are SEO Tools?

The term ‘SEO tools’ can be used to describe a rather broad set of software and services. Summed up, SEO tools are any tool that can assist with either your on-page and off-page SEO strategy.

You can use these SEO tools for a wide variety of purposes, including:

  • Find SEO mistakes on your website through audits
  • Assist with keyword research
  • Track your website
  • Rank the keywords you’re using
  • Increase SERP ranking
  • Drive organic traffic
  • Help build backlinks
  • Analyze your link strategy
  • Compare your SEO strategy with competitors
  • Check valuable metrics such as active users and bounce rate

Most of these tools work by doing a few things — auditing your website’s SEO, analyzing competitors’ sites, and giving some advice for improving your strategy. To use these tools, you may need to download a bit of software, however many are available as web-hosted services.


The Best SEO Tools Today

Keyword research tools

Using the right keywords is a major part of a good SEO strategy, as they’re one of the factors Google uses in your SERP ranking. While it’s possible to figure out the best keywords to use by checking popular competitor sites, this isn’t exact and can be time-consuming. Fortunately, these tools can do the work for you. The following is a list of the best SEO tools to find proven keywords for your site



Available through Neil Patel’s website, Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool. This tool will search for any keyword or long-tail keyword phrase and give you loads of information. This includes the search volume (desktop and mobile), cost per click, other keyword ideas, and links to related competitor ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

Using Ubersuggest is fairly standard, just type the keywords you’re interested in searching into a text box and click the search button.

Cost: Free.


Google Keyword Planner


Available through Google Ads, Keyword Planner is another online keyword research tool. This tool will tell you how often keywords are searched, how keyword searches change over time, bid estimates for keywords, and relevant keyword suggestions.

To use Google Keyword Planner, you’ll need to have your first campaign set in Google Ads. Once set, all you need to do is type in the keyword or phrase you wish to search and press enter.

Cost: Free to use as long as you have an active Google Ads campaign.


Google Trends


This is another keyword research tool made by Google. Google Trends analyzes the popularity, across time and regions, of any keyword or phrase that has been typed into the search engine. It will also give you some related topics and queries.

To use Google Trends, all you need to do is type your word or phrase into a text box.

Cost: Free to use and requires no account or personal information.


Analytics tools

When tracking the success or failure of your SEO strategy, it’s hard to beat an analytics tool. Tools like Matomo and Google Analytics will tell you if all your hard work is actually paying off. It’ll let you know how many users visit your page, pages they click per session, their bounce rate, and other valuable metrics that can help guide your next SEO move.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an online analytics tool. The service can be used to track and report on your website traffic. With Google Analytics, you’re able to stay on top of important metrics, such as pages per session, user location, bounce rate, active users, duration of session, and more.

To use this service, first, you’ll need to sign up through the Google Analytics website. When signing up, give them the URL to the website you want to be tracked. Now, you’re able to access the dashboard and check relevant metrics.

Cost: Free



Matomo is an open-source web analytics service. You can use Matomo to track multiple websites simultaneously. It is used to track things like page views, page visits, revenue, and the evolution of a site.

To use Matomo, simply sign up for the service with your email address and the URL of the site you’d like tracked. You’ll also need to put a tracking code on your website when getting started.

Cost: Free with a 21-day trial period, after which, you’ll need to subscribe and pay a small monthly fee ($19/month for Essential and 29/month for Business).


Open Web Analytics


As the name implies, Open Web Analytics (OWA) is open-source web analytics software. This software supports both WordPress and MediaWiki frameworks. You can install OWA and run it on your own host. Like other analytics tools, OWA can track page visits, new visitors, page views, and a number of other metrics.

Cost: Once set up, OWA can be used completely for free.




Clicky is another online web analytics service. You can use Clicky to track website metrics such as users, the number of actions taken, time spent, bounce rate, and more.

To use Clicky, you’ll start by signing up on their website and inputting the URL of the site you intend to track. Next, you’ll need to put a snippet of HTML code, provided by Clicky, into your site in order to track it.

Cost: Clicky can be used for free.




This browser extension can provide you access to Moz’s metrics while you surf the web. You can do things like compare link metrics across pages, create custom searches (by country, engine, etc.), expose page elements, and more.

To use MozBar, you’ll need to download the extension for Firefox or Chrome. The Mozo logo will then be embedded along the top of your browser. You can click it to expose different options or bring down the menu bar.

Cost: This software can be downloaded and used for free.

Local SEO Tools

If you need to rank a local business in search engines like Google, you’re going to need a well thought out local SEO strategy. With a local SEO tool, you can rate your online presence and figure out where your business strategy could use some improvement.

Moz Local Listing Score


The Moz Local Listing Score is a web-based tool that rates a company address’s online presence. It will rate your location data and the quality of its online presence.

Using Moz Local Listing Score only requires inputting a company name, address, and zip code into separate text boxes and clicking the Check Now button. Results are returned rather quickly.

Cost: Free to use.


Technical SEO Tools

Even if you’re not a very technical person, you’ll need to need Namibia Phone Number to learn if you’re going to master SEO. Luckily, with technical SEO tools, you’ll have some help. These are some of the best SEO tools out there for analyzing the more technical aspects of your site. From your page’s speed to its size, these tests will tell you some of the more boring metrics behind your website so you can see where to improve.

Google PageSpeed Insights


Google PageSpeed Insights is a tool that’s used to optimize a website’s performance. The web-based tool tells you its Lighthouse Performance score, which is a weighted average of several different metrics. You’re also given some actionable diagnostic and opportunity information that can be used to optimize your site’s performance.

To use this tool, type the URL of the site you’d like analyzed into a text box and click the analyze button. The service will take a few seconds to analyze your site before delivering its report.

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