The Biggest Brands Are Already

615 million devices now use ad blocking software. (source) your paid ads are no longer reaching your target audience. These are your marketing dollars. Nowadays, instead of reaching the audience, brands need to attract them. They must make themselves indispensable by bringing value to each interaction, by forging a real link with their prospects using content marketing.

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Struggling to develop their authentic voice. In this President Email Lists article, I’ve dissected the big brands’ marketing strategy to bring you ten content marketing best practices that will help your brand gain recognition and eventually impact bottom line results. Identify snags and participate with quality content presenting a value proposition is easy, but connecting it to the real needs of potential buyers is difficult. They need something substantial; they are looking for answers and expert advice. To cultivate a deeper connection with your target group, start educating them, inspiring them. Don’t openly throw jargon at them to show what your product can do. Instead, show them the context where your product can be used for good.

If you look through airbnb ‘s content marketing strategy

President Email Lists

You’ll find that almost all of its content is aimed at solving user problems. Airbnb simplifies the entire pre-trip research process by collecting local recommendations and guiding tourists before they even set foot there. Airbnb neighborhoods gives the full destination layout by offering relevant information about a certain neighborhood in a specific city. Likewise, guidebooks offers a curated list of all the sweet spots in town. Best of all, they’re all recommended by local airbnb hosts! Content marketing best practices_ as demonstrated by top brands that’s not all, airbnb’s offline magazine showcases “The history, food, and customs of a place through the eyes of the people who live there.” they make it incredibly data-driven by analyzing top research and creating their content accordingly.

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