The Biggest Content Marketing Trends of 2017

Over the past 12+ months I’ve been talking to enterprise marketers around the world to get a sense of where the content marketing industry is heading. Through that process, combined with ongoing research, the cmi team will put together a schedule for content marketing world 201 here are some of the biggest problems enterprise marketers are grappling with and what I believe are some of the thought leaders on this topic at cmworld (hint, hint). Note these are in no particular order. They all matter, depending on where you are in your content marketing maturity. One thing is certain the creation and distribution of content within the enterprise has become more important and more integrated over the past year than content about our products and services.

Creating a real content marketing strategy

Content marketing strategy in almost every keynote I give, I ask the List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers audience if their organisation has a documented content marketing strategy. Sadly most do not. Our research shows that organisations that have it and review it consistently are more likely to succeed. You (the expert reading this) may think this is basic, but it’s not. We focus too much on campaigns and talking about products instead of truly driving value outside of the products and services we offer. In response, content marketing world offers specific workshops on just how to create a documented content marketing strategy. To get started today, this essential ebook on creating strategies will point you in the right direction. Native advertising if you’re a regular listener of pnr this old marketing.

List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers

Content strategy (pipes and processes)

Podcast you know that robert rose and I cover native CE Leads advertising almost every week. I often refer to native advertising as a “gateway drug” to content marketing (in a good way). Many companies are experimenting with paid native promotion of their content and are beginning to succeed. Why is this so important five years ago, companies spent 80% creating content and 20% promoting it. I think this ratio is changing and successful companies are creating differentiated content and putting the power of advertising and promotion behind it. This is the first year that the content marketing world will offer a dedicated track for native advertising. In addition, there is a panel on natives, with the world’s leading experts on the subject. If you are unsure about native and how it can help your organisation, check out this post. Native advertising is a “gateway drug” to content marketing (in a good way) says.

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