The choices the photographer makes

He immediately picks up a wideangle lens. This is a direction. That is if I shoot with a yearold that has what can I tell you now an degree angle my eye in real life does not see degrees clearly so I have made an intense direction. If I shoot with an awesome telephoto lens that has two degrees of angle sharp direction. If I choose a very open aperture that will give me a lot of flow from behind my eye is constantly twitching it’s intense directing.

I will explain this to you it is not simple

If I say to him please get off those steps and go there and that is legitimate. But that’s the way I work. As Cassavetes didn’t want to give his actors lines to know where to stop so he put a camera far away lighting the whole space so they could move freely. Ozu had done this in a different way. He always framed with the edge  of a wall  so that Clipping Path the actor could step out of the frame and not be strange to the viewer. All art is direction. So what people say is spontaneous but as soon as I chose the photo the spontaneity is gone. DL It’s a kind of direction. Let’s return to the central issue the question of tension. Can you briefly specify it precisely so that when I bring you ten photographs they.

He always framed with the edge of a wall

Clipping Path

That is when I choose photos I do not choose them arbitrarily. Of course someone else can choose others. Because when I choose photos I have inside me willingly or not Ozu Bach Proust I have all the edifice that has made me who I am. So I can’t take it away nor can I plead it and say it’s Bach’s fault that I rejected you. But it’s CE Leads me. Now what does tension mean. I will explain this to you it is not simple. In a work there are two subjects in a screenplay there is more information in one photograph when they create a contrast a tension is created.  a very intense black a very intense white.

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