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However, building a well-balanced portfolio takes time and requires more capital to invest. A short-term investment requires greater attention to the movements of assets in the financial markets, because the investor must buy and sell more frequently. This characteristic prevents having a number of assets in the portfolio that provide adequate diversification. The longer the time horizon of the investment, the less risk it will be necessary to assume to achieve our objectives. Long-term investments can be established under a tactic that requires a lower annual return. To this we must add the greater time available to the investor to make decisions and plan accordingly.

The Master in Finance and Financial Markets at EUDE Business School provides the fundamental knowledge for students to develop their Dominican republic phone numbers professional career in financial entities, as well as to carry out personal investments and financial advisory functions. Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about coaching, this discipline that is applied both in the personal field and in the world of companies and sports, facilitates learning and promotes cognitive, emotional and behavioral changes.

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Its objective is to help individuals to enhance their development and transform themselves. Generating changes in perspective, causing changes in commitment and responsibility. And increasing motivation. What is coaching? It is a comprehensive, coherent and continuous system. In order to develop individual talents for the benefit of the team’s results. This method serves to release the potential of people and maximize performance in the organization. It is true that there are many people who are dedicated to coaching, but there. A big difference in terms of the quality of the service they offer .

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What characteristics should a good coach have? Are there differences in the quality of the service they offer? From eude business school we bring you a series. Of recommendations to be a good professional in the sector. Skills of a good coach 1 empathy. Any coach must be a professional who does his job well to understand the needs of the client. Due to this, it is necessary that he be empathic with him and understand his situation in order to direct the work sessions. He must generate understanding and trust in the workers. 2 constant training. It is very necessary that all coaching professionals have exhaustive training, which begins with self-knowledge.

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And which has no end, it is also essential to know the methodologies available to them to do their job well. 3 communication trust between the coach and the individual is generate from good results in communication. Powerful questions, paraphrasing, summarizing words. Patience one of the keys when conducting coaching sessions is patience, deep questions can be follow. By the user and they can get in touch with their deepest emotions, which require time.

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