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Others closed their doors, some temporarily, and others, unfortunately, completely ceased their activities; and a third group maintained their operations, but with their employees performing their duties from their homes. What until March 2020 was 5% of workers who exercised their functions from their homes, according to the data provided by the INE [i] , today represents a brutal change in reality: although total confinements have ceased, it “ ….

forecasts that in 2021, 30% of employees in Spain will definitively telecommute, while 38% of organizations will encourage more work from home by adjusting IT spending to support it, and 47% will include or expand remote work in their HR Spain phone number policy. The levers for the evolution of the new job are to guarantee the continuity of business operations, make operations more efficient and accompany a job evolution process that allows working remotely, and establish all the processes so that once Once this period of confinement has been overcome, organizations manage to transform into agile organizations.

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However, And in these months, many of us have made references to the good results. Obtain with these decisions, to the resilience of the workers, to the sacrifices promoted by organizational. Management and those responsible for areas or departments to maintain fluid communications. All for the sake of to preserve and/or improve the corporate mission. However, Perhaps we should ask ourselves. This question: do 30% of workers really want to continue teleworking. Or do 38% of companies want to maintain this type of management? Many specialists in people. Management and human resources state that the answers are not so simple.

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In a webinar organized by ifaes on 01/22/2021. Regarding the digital revolution and the changes in people management that the digital transformation of companies implies. Several aspects related to this topic were discussed, namely: a ) how to manage. What today is an obligation for many workers, when before march 2020 it was consider. A social benefit that some of them had; b) the development of relevant skills and abilities for. The good performance of people who were forced to confine themselves at the time.

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The social management of now-distanced groups and teams; d) the legal implications derived from the maintenance or not of teleworking in companies. Given that in many countries legislation has been pass quickly and in times of crisis. The adjustments that must in organizations to adapt their culture to the new realities; e) how to manage the return of people to the physical facilities of the companies. Telecommuting: from resilience to brain drain Added to these issues is the fact that, during 2020 and the first days of 2021, many companies continued to hire personnel -especially those in the technology sector.

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