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In this sense, more and more organizations are using the Agile method in their internal procedures, which allows them to develop their projects with more speed and flexibility than could be expected from a multinational. What is the Agile method? The origin of the Agile methodology dates back to the beginning of the century, when 17 software development experts in the United States signed a document that proposed changing certain work structures in large companies, with the aim of being able to adapt to changes and respond in a more efficient way.

faster to the constant challenges of the market. Since then, many organizations have been applying these procedures, among the best known are Amazon, Google or Microsoft. This modality is based on four fundamental pillars. The first of these South korea phone number list consists of putting aside the exhaustive documentation and doing a more practical job, with specialized software that allows you to do it in the most effective way possible. On the other hand, the ability to respond to unforeseen events is also fundamental to success with this work formula. Although, on certain occasions, for this method to work, the active participation of the client is necessary.

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Their involvement in the development of the project is key, so keeping. Them informed from time to time and listening to their proposals is important. Since if you go too far in the project without cutting with it, it could cause an excess of hours correcting errors. Which could have been avoided before. Advantages of agile in startups improved customer satisfaction. Customer feedback can be better collected and used to optimize product features. Boost team motivation. Any member of the team knows the status of the project at any time. This makes them feel part of the project.

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Cost and time savings. Thanks to this methodology. It is avoided to make changes in the product or in the strategy without being validate by the market. The pandemic has shown that face-to-face and hierarchical ways of working have become obsolete. From eude business school we propose you with our mba program to train in one of the best. Spanish-speaking business schools, through which you will be able to acquire the necessary. Knowledge and tools to lead groups and develop the most innovative techniques.

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At the beginning of the year 2020, most national governments made the decision, in light of the appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic, to totally confine the population for a period of time. For example, Spain maintained total confinement for almost 4 months (March-June), while some Latin American countries extended it for a few more months. And in 2021, most of these countries maintain important restrictions without replicating said measure. Since then, the business world has been facing three divergent situations: some companies maintained attendance, as their contribution to the functioning of the economy is essential (food, basic services, energy, telecommunications, etc.).

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