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However, the Flytographer company has carved a niche for itself in the market. They offer a professional photographer to take vacation photos. As if he were a Paparazzi, but without the need to hide. 2. Valet anywhere There are professions that can be elevated and even become their own business or service or even become a startup in Silicon Valley. This is the case of Caarbon , an American company that is dedicated to parking cars, by appointment, so that you stop wasting your time. The service costs €6 an hour. What do you think? 3.

Monthly Socks Subscription Yes, you read that right, this is Sock Fancy , a monthly subscription service for designer socks. It seems that an ecommerce of quality socks has a place compared to the traditional purchase in El Corte Inglés, Carrefour or El salvador phone number Primark, but in the form of a subscription? That requires a full-fledged cultural change. However, how many socks in your drawer are worn at the heels or have pellets? 4. Invisible hotels If you like nature and minimalism, you will surely be interested in visiting the Treehotel hotel complex, in which all its luxury rooms hang from trees.

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Of course, prepare your pocket, they cost 1,180 euros per person on the weekend in high season. The complex has a sauna, but not a restaurant, so you can go try the local cuisine. 5. Custom wrapping paper Currently almost any object can be personalized, mobile covers, cushions, puzzles, etc. What if the wrapping paper could also be personalized? This is what WrapMe proposes. Through a simple application, you can upload the photos you want to appear and even use filters and add text. At EUDE Business School we are looking for innovative people who have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to improve themselves. Our MBA programs provide the necessary tools to launch your business ideas.

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Meetings are perhaps the most powerful personal branding tool out there. They also make up a large part of the time spent in the workplace, so it is important to take care of our behavior and attitude in meetings. And most importantly, meetings are the place where the people you need to influence come together. So if you want to build your brand and expand your professional success, there are certain things you shouldn’t do in a meeting. Actions such as eating during a meeting, being distracted by the mobile phone or leaving before the end of the meeting are some of the behaviors that are repeated during these sessions at work.

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Some attitudes that undermine labor relations, since they are usually understood as a lack of respect towards the people who are directing it. 5 things you shouldn’t do in a meeting 1. Not going prepared Especially if the meeting has been previously arranged, it is necessary to prepare the topic and have tools and knowledge so that your intervention makes sense and is taken into account. To prepare for a meeting efficiently, ask yourself these questions: What is the key message I want to communicate? Who attends and what do I want them to think, feel or do? What is the most valuable contribution I can make? Who would I like to recognize or support?

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