The Simple Guide To Reddit Advertising That Will Scale Your Sales And Your Brand

Be honest, has your business ever tried advertising on Reddit?

The answer is probably no… which is weird because Reddit has 330 to 430 million monthly users, so you’d think more business owners and marketers would utilize Reddit as a legitimate platform for advertising.


The fact of the matter is they don’t. But they really should be.

Reddit is one of the most used social media websites in the world, and it’s more successful than you may think. According to Statista, Reddit even has more monthly users than Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat. It may remind some people of the online forum platforms of the 90s and early 2000s, but it’s much more complex than those ever were.

Why Should I Advertise on Reddit?

Other than the fact that Reddit has millions of regular users, it has one very big advantage for marketers…

Reddit is organize into subreddits, which are the different topics of discussion that people post about. By doing it this way, it keeps conversations organized and makes sure one topic of discussion doesn’t bleed over into another.

What Should I Remember About Advertising on Reddit?

Take the sales pitch down a notch

Reddit is designed to be a bunch of communities that are centered around one common interest. It really is supposed to be a community, one where you talk to your friends about all the cool things that you are doing as it pertains to the topic of the subreddit.

Because of that, lots of Reddit users don’t like sold to. They think that Reddit should be a place of good-hearted community engagement and not a place where you just insert yourself to try to take people’s money.

The flip side is this: if you are an engaged community member and people like your posts, then they won’t mind checking out your content and what you have to offer. But just going into r/DIY and saying you are offering a sale on your hammers and nails probably isn’t going to net you any new customers…

It takes time

Because of the reason above, Reddit advertising takes time. You can’t just log on to your account and expect to start converting Reddit users into customers—you’re going to have to generate organic traffic by actually become part of the community that you want to advertise to. You’ll have to become known in the community, post a lot, and offer lots of content for free. Going the paid advertising route on Reddit may be easier (more on that later), but organic will certainly help you find leads that aren’t only interested in your product, but are interested in your business.

Offer a lot of free content

This shouldn’t be understated. To get people to really like you on Reddit, you’re going to have to offer a lot of free content to generate interest. People in subreddit communities are genuinely interested in what other community members have to offer, so showing off your skills and offering tactical advice for free will make you really popular. Once you pull them in with your free stuff, then you can start trying to get them to make purchases.

How Do I Advertise on Reddit?

There are 2 methods to Reddit advertising: organic and paid.

Organic Traffic

It’s important to note that the tips above pertain to organic traffic. Paid advertising will always get you some qualified leads, but organic traffic on Reddit is where you can reach your full potential.

The things said above are true: it’s going to take time. But before we go into the steps of mastering your organic advertising on Reddit, it’s best to understand the stats that quantify your engagement and will prove to people that you’re an active community member that posts quality content.

Upvotes and Downvotes

Upvotes and downvotes quantify how much other Reddit Iran Phone Number users like a particular post. The more upvotes there are, the more likely that post will be featured on the front page of the subreddit and, in some cases, on the front page of Reddit. When you post something new to a subreddit, it will appear on the front page. The more upvotes you have, the more likely it is that it will stay there.

This post has 115 upvotes in a day, which is pretty good for 24 hours in a subreddit. Notice how the user is giving something away for free—the community likes that, and upvoting is the way they let you (and everyone else) know. Likewise, you want to avoid getting a lot of downvotes. The best way to avoid that is simple: post good content.


Your karma score on Reddit is the net total of all of the upvotes and downvotes your posts have received.

Karma technically has no weight in whether a particular post gets show at the top of a subreddit. Only upvotes and downvotes dictate that. However, because it is essentially a running tally of how many upvotes you have. It shows people that visit your profile that you’re an active member of the Reddit community. It gives you social credibility and makes it more likely that they’ll keep up with the content that you post.

Now that you understand the metrics to track your success, here is how you do organic advertising on Reddit…


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