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But what exactly is it about? Marketing deals with studying the behavior of markets and the needs of consumers. The marketing specialist will have the ability to position products and services. Analyze and establish price policies for them, investigate market segments. Establish distribution channels and carry out marketing plans according to demand conditions. There are a wide variety of sectors in which a marketing specialist can apply their knowledge, such as statistics. Market research, economics and sociology. Some of the positions you can hold are market analyst. Marketing assistant, product manager, merchandiser, marketing executive. Communications manager, telemarketer and market director, among others.

Reasons to study marketing and business management customer orientation. The customer is the fundamental axis of companies, all products Netherlands phone number and services are to him. That is why companies have the maxim that “The customer is the boss”. Taking this fact into account. The fact of specializing in this area means focusing on one of the most important departments of any company. Regardless of the sector in which they are dedicated. High remuneration based on the achievement of objectives : salaries are usually among the highest and therefore. According to recent studies, the average is approximately 61,000 euros gross per year.

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Numerous job opportunities: 40% of the jobs offered by companies throughout 2018 and 2019 were related to commercial management and marketing, this data is a great incentive for those who want to dedicate themselves to the world of marketing and sales. Specialize with EUDE The world of marketing is changing rapidly. Constant innovation in marketing strategy requires professionals capable of leading change in companies. The Master in Marketing and Commercial Management of EUDE Business School is designe under an innovative and strategic approach aimed at the development of new business ideas, communication and business management.

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You will be able to expand your networking from the first day with teachers from large companies and international colleagues. A program that is complemented with activities, such as seminars. Talks, workshops , and conferences in national and international companies. Which you can learn more about the current market, business strategy and success stories. Organic production combines custom and innovation. For example, a traditional crop with devices such as self-guided implements for artificial vision for weed control. In addition, this knowledge has become a resource that is sought to be transmitted in organic production courses in the face of the risk of losing it due to lack of generational change in the field.

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Research centers such as IRTA (Institute for Agrifood Research and Technology, in Catalonia) are also key. Some of his lines of research : New technologies for the production of organic juices and creams based on fruits and vegetables . An example is the APH treatment (high pressure in short periods) to better preserve the products. With this clean technology, the inactivation of a large part of the pathogens is achieve while maintaining the sensory and nutritional properties of the fresh fruit. Improvement in organic rice cultivation in the Mediterranean basin .

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