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There are better ways to create organizations that help people Taiwan WhatsApp Number List do more meaningful and sustainable work. One of the companies that is working on new leadership, among other things. Is KLM. A ‘leadership journey’ has been made for senior Taiwan WhatsApp Number List management, with strategic themes aim at inspiring and connecting leadership. See the story of Annelies Leveling (KLM) in my previous article . Gonny Vink: Hybrid working becomes strategic Gonny Vink “I believe that in the future people will no longer go to the office to do individual work.” In October 2020 I already had the privilege of speaking with Gonny Vink . Gonny is the founder and chief happiness officer of work21.

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She advises organizations and teams in sustainable change Taiwan WhatsApp Number List at the intersection of people, organization and technology. Gonny is co-author of the book Never waste a good crisis (aff.). At the time, we talked about behavioral change, about learning from each Taiwan WhatsApp Number List other. “What you see is that many companies have focused on being able to communicate and meet with each other remotely. But now the next step: how are we going to collaborate smartly, share knowledge and develop remotely? Tools and technology are instrumental in this, behavioral change is crucial.” It is January 2022.

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What do she think are the recent developments that we should Taiwan WhatsApp Number List keep an eye on? “In 2022, the employee will be more central than ever. The labor market is tight, we have had a tough time and we are looking for connection and meaning in work. The work is Taiwan WhatsApp Number List really being organiz in a hybrid manner . Last year it was forced to work at home or in the office. In 2022, organizations will increasingly use hybrid work as a strategic asset in order to achieve results in a sustainable way. The happiness of employees and the utilization of talent take an important place. Learning and experimenting together is central to this. Organizations will have to become increasingly agile in order to respond to changes and lead the way.

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