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If you’re familiar with seo, you already know that search engines have been evolving for years. There was a time when all seos had to worry about having the right keyword density and high pr links. But my boy changed things. We have seen a shift from keyword density to artificial intelligence in trying to determine. Searcher intent and presenting increasingly targeted and relevant results to users. User search patterns have also changed and search engines have had to adapt. This means that many seo strategies from a few years ago are not only outdated, but could actually end up destroying seo efforts. But what exactly makes a good seo strategy in 2018?

Conversational Queries Are the Searches That Occur

When we ask the information device in our home or VP Software Email Lists the infotainment center in the car to search for something. This is also called voice search. Search engine optimization for these types of queries is called conversational seo or voice seo. According to a recent northstar research study on mobile voice search habits, 55% of. All teens report using voice search at least once a day. The number of adults was 41%. Not only does this show that voice search is. Now playing a major role in seo, but it also shows that the trend is only going to increase. One way to capitalize on conversational queries is to incorporate conversational long-tail queries as part of your on-page seo.

Then Look for Places to List 

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Seo strategy for example, instead of a generic “Hours of operation” header, use the header “When is company x open?” in addition to a map capsule, include headings describing “How to reach x from artery y”. You’ll get extra points when you talk about free parking within walking distance of your business, because the discussion of cross streets and local landmarks is good for ranking well with local search queries. Another way to rank conversational queries well is to add an faq section to product pages. List the questions people ask your customer service or tech support about the product on your website, followed by the answer.

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