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Preparation phase The stock taking preparation stage in this retail business is usually carrid out near the D day. Some of the steps taken are to call the relevant team to prepare for the Stock Taking neds . Then, instruct the person in charge of the warehouse to complete the input for the mutation of goods until the operational closing hours on D-1. Finally, stop the mutation of goods starting from the closing of warehouse operating hours until the Stock Opname period .

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Accounting application can make it easier for you to manage company finances more practically and accurately. Prove it with a free trial of the Journal app by clicking on the button or banner below. I Want to Try Journals Free Now! or I Want To Ask The Sales Journal Now! Baca Juga : 5 Tips Mudah Melakukan Audit di Perusahaan Australia Phone Number List Dagang Stock Taking Stage At this most important stage, officers should ensure that all stock-relatd transactions are listd in all programs. Then, data on all stocks from all programs are given to officers in each Stock Taking team as a guide. Make sure the data is not known by the person in charge of the stock of goods.

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In the Stock Taking process in the retail business

Put a sticker on every inventory item that has been calculatd so that there is no repeatd count. The recordd stock data is copid into the stock taking document in excel. This data contains the number of comparisons between the stock of goods in the warehouse and the stock of goods in the books to determine whether there is a difference or not. After CE Leads that, re-check the stock difference. Finally, the Stock Taking data is submittd to the accounting division for data adjustments.

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