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Dassault Systems Dassault Systemes is a major French player Greece WhatsApp Number List in manufacturing and 3D software and is used, for example, by car manufacturers to automate the design process. A lot of use is made of simulations and 3D software. Before there is a real prototype of a car, many digital 3D sketches have already been made. This is not only used in the automotive Greece WhatsApp Number List industry, but other industries and application areas are also looking at virtualization.Meet your virtual twin – CES 2022 In particular, at CES, they showcased the Living Heart program as part of the Virtual Twin Program .

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The idea behind Living Heart is that, just like with crash tests Greece WhatsApp Number List on cars, we first use simulations before we actually let a car take the crash test. Virtual twin of car simulated crash Weird things I also always look for the crazy innovations. This year there was Greece WhatsApp Number List an Austrian company that introduced a system to the American market ( Homeshadows, for example at bol ) that makes your house look as if there are people in it. Not with a timer on a socket, but with a number of LEDs that can simulate a shadow. This way it looks like someone is walking around the room.

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Of course with algorithms so that crooks do not realize that they Greece WhatsApp Number List are being fooled. CES 2022: innovation continues, corona or not CES was also worth it this year. Stressful to travel to, but balm for the tech soul to see all those companies (again). The large companies Greece WhatsApp Number List were not there or to a lesser extent. The small businesses did their best to show their best side. All a bit less, but with inspiration. After a full digital CES in 2021, CES 2022 was really a bright spot. The weather in Las Vegas (18 degrees and sunny) is the icing on the applesauce.

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