Thus The Inspection Process Can Be Carried

Out independently and provide objective and accurate results. The audit officer in question usually comes from the accounting division or a division relatd to company finances. This is in accordance Thus the inspection  with the purpose of stock taking in the retail business. Namely to find out the amount of inventory as part of helping the process of calculating cash flow. If the officer finds a discrepancy between the amount of stock of goods and the amount recordd in the books, then the next action is left to the policy of each company.

Stock Taking Risk The Stock Taking process raises

The risk of a difference in the number of items in the inventory warehouse with those in the books. Several options are usually exercisd if the risk of the difference in amount is the result of the difference in  stock of goods being chargd to the company by making an adjusting journal entry for the trading company . Another option, the company Albania Phone Number List charges the officer in charge of the inventory division to make up for the shortage. If there is an excess stock of goods, the officer is advisd to re-examine to find. Out the possibility of transactions that have not been recordd. The following is a complete guide to managing stock taking in the retail business, which will be reviewd by the Journal By Mekari blog.

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Baca Juga: Cermat Kelola Inventori

Stock Taking Steps in Retail Business As follows Early stage. The initial stage of stock taking is carrid out long before the D day or a week before D day. Usually, the person in charge of the warehouse is askd to prepare two different stickers. The point is to mark the stock that has been calculatd during the Stock. Take or mark the stock of goods that are not countd in the stock taking. Furthermore, warehouse officers should organize and tidy CE Leads up stock according.The code and type of item so that the stock taking process can be done more easily and quickly. The stock of goods should be equippd with an SKU in the form of an item code and barcode according to its classification.

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