Content Marketing Heads for the Better: New 2017 Study

If you’ve been able to join the content marketing world, or have been following some of the coverage, you know the tide is turning. This time last year we faced a valley of disillusionment, but the energy and momentum we are seeing now is much more positive. In fact, our latest study, b2b 2017 benchmarks, budgets, and trends—north america , confirms this. 62% of North American b2b marketers say their organisation’s overall approach to  is more or less successful compared to a year ago. This is just one of the findings of institute marketingprofs’ b2b content marketing 2017 benchmarks, budgets, and trends — north america sponsored by brightcove. B2b-marketer-rate-organisation-content-marketing-success what.

Top performers are realistic

Factors that marketers attribute to this increase in success the Georgia Phone Number List top two drivers are doing a better job with content creation (85%) and developing or adjusting their content marketing strategy (72%). B2b-factors-marketers-increased-success in addition to asking marketers to identify why they are more successful, we also have research to identify what top performers do differently from their peers. In our research, we defined top performers as those who characterise their organisation’s overall content marketing approach as very or very successful. As we’ve seen over the last few years, successful marketers do a few different things. They document your  strategy (learn how). Top performing marketers document their  strategies via Cmi Content. Research click to tweet clarify what  success looks like (see some examples of success).

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Top Performers Consistently Deliver

Performing marketers articulate what content CE Leads marketing success looks like via cmis content. Research clicks to tweet create differentiated content (read why your content marketing mission is so important and how to develop it). High performing marketers create differentiated content via cmis content. Research click to tweet but this year we have much more to reveal. In fact, there are over 75 data points that explain the behavioural differences among top performers. We will explore this in more detail over the next few months. (shameless plugin subscribe to our newsletter for all new research reports and research reasons.) Here are some highlights: top performers are ‘all-in’ on  as we examined in our opening keynote at  world and in this follow-up blog post, one of the biggest differences we see between top performers and non-top performers is their level of commitment.

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