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Allows you to visualize and understand the concept and form of the keys to competitiveness. Or the creation of value in a business it helps to define the market and commercial policy. To clarify questions such as: which customer segments do you want to reach. What value proposition will be delivered to each customer segment or target customer. How to differentiate yourself from others, how to generate income etc. It is used for entrepreneurship because it does not require prior. Business and strategic management knowledge. It is easy to use because it is developed. With visual techniques that are intuitive, allowing analysis and understanding.

Finally, it is extremely important to know that each business model is a unique project, which presents its own opportunities and challenges. Our Russia phone number MBA allows you to know and understand all areas of company management with a global approach and from the perspective of business management. A training designed and prepared by managers of the best national and international companies and adapted to your needs, we offer you the option of completing your MBA in online, full-time face-to-face or executive modalities.

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The conditions of rice cultivation, in which humidity and temperature are high. Weeds are a problem in organic farming, because conventional herbicides are not use. This research studies new formulas for eliminating weeds without the need to use chemical substances. Control techniques, bagging in the field and post-harvest curing of organic variety peaches and nectarines . These fruits are highly perishable, so new collection and storage techniques are being analyze to reduce the loss of pieces throughout the process. Ecological seals and what are the main ones Eurohoja – Organic Production of the EU.

Russia Phone Number

It guarantees sustainable production, environmental protection, quality, animal welfare standards. Confirm that they meet strict conditions of production, processing, transportation and storage. Ecological agriculture of the autonomous communities. Products certified according to European regulations. This seal is from the public certifiers of the different autonomous communities. Labels from other European countries such as France and Germany. Specialize with EUDE A Master in Environmental Management and Technology will specialize you in all those areas to which, increasingly, organizations feel more concerned and allocate a large part of their efforts .

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Thus, becoming an expert in this professional field will help you enhance. Your curriculum vitae and, with it, your professional value in today’s market. This master’s is carefully designe to train professionals who wish to embark on their path. The field of environmental management , providing them with practical and up-to-date training. Has been a tough year, filled with forced digital transformation, a rapidly changing digital marketplace. And possibly as much uncertainty as we’ve been facing in the last 12 months. According to the 4th study of the digital. Maturity index of companies 2020 , 74% of companies have accelerated their digital. Transformation roadmap and 62% have increased their budget for technology and digital.

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