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Those companies that have best understood how to sell online in today’s market no longer differentiate between their sales channels, they deploy the largest possible number of channels, even bypassing their traditional distributors when it comes to firms in the B2B segment. Multichannel, presence in other channels, personalization of the offer, intelligent use of data, etc. These are some keys to improving the turnover of the most intelligent companies. New ways to sell online Join the marketplaces A very important trend to sell is selling through marketplaces.

Beyond those we have in mind like Amazon and other big ones, more and more verticals like ManoMano or Bodeboca are emerging, platforms Uae mobile number database that take advantage of their traffic to adopt marketplace policies, that is, open up to second stores. Loyalty to your current customers Right now we are in an environment where Covid has brought a million new buyers into the online channel. For example, in food, during the pandemic the volume of online sales went from 2% to 8%. They are currently at 4%. These two points have been consolidated, and what it touches is to retain them.

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With covid, the level of competition between stores and recruitment has become more expensive. Sign up for social commerce. The networks were there to share information and make contacts, but now they are just another sales channel. In fact, most social networks already offer the possibility of selling online directly from their platforms. And others, like tik tok, are also starting to reach agreements with stores and there are certain categories. Because of the type of product that makes a lot of sense. Brands are betting on sales on social networks. Which today represents less than 5% for most brands, but is clearly growing.

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Personalize the customer experience in this omnichannel experience. It is also very important to offer the most personalized experience possible. With artificial intelligence tools, content and products can be personalized based on the search intentions and behavioral intentions that the user has within our e-commerce. Drive recommendations google my business begins to be very important for recommendation and to promote. The volume of recommendations that we have in tools within google my business and outside, grow as much as possible.

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Undertaking and betting on an online business requires a lot of training and performance on the part of the workers. At eude business school we have a master internet business (mib) with which you can acquire the necessary. Skills to lead a work team and look for new alternatives for online sales.This week at eude business school. We have had the great opportunity to have an activity within the scheduled actions of the hr area. During the session, attendees were able to learn more about csr and its current status within the legal and business framework. As well as sustainability and its importance within the business ecosystem. José vera brusca. Coach and teacher specialized in hr.

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