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Investigate the environment of that profession that attracts you and analyze. If it really fits you and is going to give you the life you want to have. Be realistic an enviable scenario for anyone is that of that person who gets up every day eager to go to work and is paid to. Do something he really likes. That person who seems to have found a vocation and lives on top of it. That person who lives from his passion. But the reality is that there are many. People who never find a vocation to pursue in the workplace. And we must not idealize. This scenario and think that it is the only way to be happy.

Find a job goal finally, another variable that must be taken into account. When reinventing oneself professionally is to analyze whether that job that you think might fit. With you can be done on your own, as an employee or even as a civil China phone number list servant. Each of these modalities. Has its pros and cons. Therefore, at this point it is important that you analyze them in depth. The eude mba program allows you to know and understand all areas of business management. A global approach and from the perspective of business management. A training designed and prepare. By managers of the best national and international companies and adapted to your needs. We offer you the option of completing your mba in online, full-time face-to-face or executive modalities.

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Its mission is to promote the formation and consolidation of new startups launched by students and former students of EUDE, in Spain and in the rest of the world. In addition, to promote an ecosystem aimed at facilitating the financing of companies, which are the engine of economic growth and social welfare. From EUDE Business School we encourage you to participate in this cycle on entrepreneurship to learn more about the EUDE Emprende project and everything it can contribute to you at an academic and business level.

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However, This Wednesday, April 7, we had the opportunity at EUDE Business School to celebrate the presentation of the book “Digital Marketing for those who do not know about Digital Marketing” by Gonzalo Giráldez. A very special meeting that we were able to share with our students. Discussing the digital environment, new trends and the need to be updated. However, Carlos Viera, director of EUDE Digital, was in charge of making the session more dynamic, asking our guest questions about his book, for example: about the reasons that led him to write it, if he thinks we should keep ourselves updated or what recommendation would he send to our students.

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However, Without a doubt, it was a relaxed, pleasant and very interesting meeting for everyone. According to Giráldez, there are many manuals. On the market about the digital world and its different areas such as Big Data. However, Cybersecurity or SEO, but he has not found a book that explains simply and plainly what digital marketing is and how it affects our daily life. This book aims to show a mother or father of a family what the ecosystem in which their child lives is like. However, To try to make them understand it. It is a book with a language that is easy for everyone to understand”.

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