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To turn personal money goals into achievable goals , good planning is basic and essential. For this, the purposes must be very clear and must be work on little by little and constantly, without forgetting moments of reflection. From EUDE Business School we bring you below the characteristics that the objectives must have in order to be met in the long term. SMART goals Specific or specific Any financial plan must include specific savings objectives. The important thing is not to set intentions but to specify them. Thinking about saving is not enough, we have to take it to realistic ground and make it within our possibilities.

Measurable or edible We must be able to measure progress, so we can move forward and know if we are heading in the right direction, know if the Belize phone numbers results we are obtaining are positive. Attainable or achievable This means setting very realistic goals in line with the personal situation. We must set goals that we are going to be able to achieve, it makes no sense to force savings and be uncomfortable because then we will give up and not try. Relevant or relevant Many times we make the mistake of choosing objectives that do not move us.

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If something does not excite us enough. We will abandon or even begin to consider reaching our goal. This is why it is very important to motivate. Ourselves and look for relevant things. Timely or temporary when setting an objective, it is essential to. Keep in mind a start date and an end date. It is about making a checklist, and repeatedly measuring that. All of them are being fulfill. Otherwise, we will not be able to reach the goal. In order to exercise real leadership. It is necessary to face different aspects relate to how to integrate said leadership within the organizations. One of the aspects to take into account is knowing the level at which we are leading.

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However, In order for us to understand the context we are talking about. We must establish three levels of direction within leadership: top level leadership. The leader does what he wants or can according to his own criteria not base on the organizational structure. Or processes of the same. This leadership is what is often considered authoritarian, and is associate. A non-consultative leader. Second level leadership the leader leads base on external criteria, standards. Culture and a good working environment. This type of leadership is what could be calle a complacent. Leadership in which the leader adheres to rules and procedures. Accommodating the interests of the command staff.

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Third level leadership It is the one in which the Leader breaks rules and procedures. He is shown as a transgressive leader who goes beyond the rules and results causing changes in the ecosystem and in the organization. These three levels give us an X-ray of three totally different and differentiate types of leadership: Let’s say that the first level Leader, “does and undoes what he wants “, does not care about the negative consequences in the organization and the system and has a low awareness of the long-term impact of his decisions.

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