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When it comes to the subject of personal development, it is essential to talk about well-being, but what does this concept mean? How many types of wellness are there? It is clear that everyone wants to achieve a high level of well-being, however, in order to achieve an improvement in this aspect, it is necessary to know the true meaning of this concept. What is wellness? It is about the experimentation of health, happiness and prosperity. It includes having good mental health, feeling highly satisfied with life, having a sense of meaning or purpose, and the ability to manage stress.

In general terms, the is simply to feel good, it is something sought after by almost everyone, because it includes many positive things: feeling good, healthy, socially connected and with purpose. Although it seems that increasing well-being is easy, because New zealand phone number there are endless possibilities, this is not always the case. The first step you have to take into account is what are the most important parts for you to achieve happiness, and figure out how to build those skills to achieve it. From EUDE Business School, we bring you below the most innovative wellness startups that are revolutionizing the world.

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Wellness startups 1 smart supplements for the brain heights has designed. Smart supplements that help stimulate the brain and that are obtained through a subscription service. So that the consumer commits to take care of their mental well-being for a minimum of three months. The time needed, they say, for the brain to absorb all the nutrients well. They are made up of 25 ingredients selected by neuroscientists and dietitians that provide energy. Fight fatigue, improve floor levels, and enhance attention at work and routines.

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App to focus on happy moments hi moment is an application that facilitates. The application of the main self-help books in the daily life of users who seek their mental well-being. It is based on offering small pills so that they can concentrate on what is most important to be happy. Along with exercises, advice and memories that distract them from bad thoughts. A tool that combines positive psychology with entertainment, to liven up the task of removing concerns from its users. Platform to sleep better shleep has focused on mental well-being. But in this case thinking of achieving that happiness through a good rest and offering its services to corporate clients.

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Companies that want to help their employees rest and sleep better since. According to the founders of this dutch startup, rest improves problem solving, memory. Decision-making and creativity. Ensuring the comfort and safety of employees is one. The main objectives that the human resources departments of a company must keep in mind. At eude business school. We have a master’s degree in human resources, management and people. Management through which you can manage talent within a company, and provide solutions. So that workers have a good working environment.

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