Use Content Marketing to Drive Customer Delight

Your content may well answer your audience’s questions and help solve their problems, but how much does it please them — enough to make a measurable impact the better the content experience, the happier your viewers are and the more likely the joy will continue after purchase. They can even become advocates for your brand along with people they know. According to research shared by Harvard business review, acquiring new customers is significantly more costly than retaining current ones. In fact, it costs up to 25 times more. If your focus is mostly on acquisitions, you risk neglecting the well-being of your current customers. Harvardbiz via iamaaronagius says it costs 25 times more to acquire new customers than to retain them Click to tweet depending on your.

Customer Delight Principle

Business model a customer’s lifetime value can be Czech Republic Phone Number List exponentially higher than the first sale. With lower execution and deployment costs, it makes sense to shift your content marketing strategy to focus on delivering more value to your existing customers. Delight them and their lifetime value can grow considerably. Curated relevant content why inbound marketing must keep up with current customers are your customers unsubscribing 3 ways to deliver an enjoyable content experience before discussing strategy, I would like to explain the principle of pleasing the customer. These principles should be taken into consideration for every action, interaction, and piece of content you create. Missing even one leads to diminishing returns such as not being.

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Customers want to engage with you

Warmly welcomed by your followers. To follow the CE Leads principles, you should answer “Yes” to the following questions: does this content solve someone’s problem? Does this content teach someone how to solve the problem in the future? Is this content engaging and at least a little fun delighting your customers is all about exceeding their expectations. When looking for an answer to a problem, it’s nice to finally find it. My problem is solved. I would be surprised if that same source provides additional information that will help me deal with similar challenges in the future. When that source does it with a smile and enthusiasm, it might get me a fanboy shirt. A great example of content that fits all three of these principles is the buffer blog. If you read one of the articles, you’ll find the answer you’re looking for and other useful information sprinkled above. You can also feel the enthusiasm and passion of the author shining.

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