UX Writing how to achieve synergy between experience and content

Ivan deSouza May 31, 19 | 5 min read ux writing The role of the content strategist or Content Manager is to create quality content that is useful for users seeking to fill a need. On the other hand, Human Centered Design is key to establishing experiences and solutions that speak the language of people. Can there be a synergy between the two?. product and market; study of the sales effort: sales organization, distribution channels and advertising. Another classification


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Content strategist has to team up with UX design designers and what are the keys needed to carry out a content strategy based on user experience geisingerconnect or UX Writing. But let’s start by clarifying concepts: What is UX design Well, let’s define these two words with some examples. When you enter a website or an application, the first thing you notice is that you can easily navigate and find what you are looking for. geisingerconnect


This is User Experience or Ux

There are also other cases where the usability of a device or application. Words are there with a purpose for the user we have. Easy and dynamic examples in spotify, mercado libre, amazon, among other sites. That is what ux design or interaction design is all about. It consists of planning and designing how the user experience will. Be when they enter a website in a few words, it is designing. Desirable products that are in accordance with the needs of the client. Beyond aesthetic requirements.  Market research is an organized effort to gather information about particular niches and consumers. Generally, this type of research is carried out using statistical methods and techniques so that the information obtained can support strategic decision-making for the business. There are various classifications for market research. One of the existing classifications divides this type of research into: study of opportunities: sale, divides the market study into 3 different subtypes: the first of these is the exploratory study

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