Ways Enterprise Underdogs Indonesia Phone Number

As a kid, I watched a lot of cartoons. Ninja turtles. My little pony. Care bears. But one of my favorites was actually a syndicated oldie-but-goodie that my parents grew up with called underdog, where a “humble, lovable shoeshine boy” (who was a dog, but still) transforms into a caped crusader and somehow always foils the bad guy. I’m not alone–we all love a good Indonesia Phone Number underdog story, don’t we? But these days, being an underdog among enterprises sort of makes you a superhero, too. In fact, according to gartner’s report, “predicts 2014: seizing the digital business advantage,” 20% of all market leaders will lose their dominant position to a company Indonesia Phone Number founded after the year 2000. To be clear, it’s not about the year the company was founded.

These Nimble Emerging Indonesia Phone Number

It’s because enterprises seize a digital business advantage. That advantage is crystal-clear when it comes to building a growth-oriented marketing strategy around existing customers. Enterprises should be laser-focused on customer base marketing because: customer Indonesia Phone Number retention is key to market share happy customers are the shortcut to trust repeat customers spend more passionate customers are the best kind of marketing here are three Indonesia Phone Number ways to seize the digital business advantage by leveraging a complete marketing automation platform to do customer base marketing: 1.

Existing Customers to Grow Indonesia Phone Number

Indonesia Phone Number

Nurture  market share, you have to retain your existing customers. (and if I were a superhero myself, I would be captain obvious.) retention rates above industry standard, therefore, are an absolute must if you’re an emerging enterprise. You can’t grow Indonesia Phone Number if two steps forward come with three steps back. Also, here’s something that’s less obvious: new customer acquisition is much more expensive than retention. Keep the customers you’ve got by continuing to provide them with value, long after their first purchase. Many companies save nurture for prospects, but don’t be one of them! If you want to maximize your relationship with current Indonesia Phone Number customers (and accordingly, retention and loyalty), stage and interest-based nurture are a must—well past the point of purchase. Ask yourself: what do these individuals need?

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