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Many of us can look back to a single moment in our careers and say, “That’s when it all changed.” Maybe it’s when you got that big promotion or when the right mentor came in and developed you into the marketer you are today. For me, my career changed the Australia Phone Number moment I was introduced to marketing automation. I know, real original. A guy at Mar keto is about to drink tons of Purple Kool-Aid and tell us how marketing automation Australia Phone Number changed his life. Well, let me ask you this: Have you ever used something before that completely changed your life? Think about it.

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Where  zipper? I’ll tell you where! Your jeans would have buttons, and nobody has time for that. And just for the record, I haven’t always worked at Marketo. On a more serious note, using a marketing automation solution powered by a marketing platform changed the trajectory of my career. In this blog, I’ll go over the specifics and key features that changed my workflows, improved my productivity, and ultimately gave me more confidence and know-how to Australia Phone Number run powerful marketing campaigns that scale: Life Changer 1: List Creation I’ll tell you this: Nightmares about pulling lists out of SQL tables are scarier than those where you showed up naked to school.

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Before  of leads existed in SQL tables. To generate email campaign lists, I ran SQL queries, isolate leads for each email (usually 15 emails a week. Meaning 15 lists needed to be pulled), and then sent those lists off to. IT to be process overnight and tagged Australia. Phone Number appropriately so we could track them on the back-end. Obviously, I’d wake up in a panic hoping that the SQL queries pulled correctly because if they didn’t. I was looking at another full day of re-running queries and waiting on IT all over again. Once the lists were generated and passed back to me in the morning, I loaded each individual list into our email service provider along with each email creative.

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