Ways to Re-engage Cold Exit Mobile Phone Numbers

Too often, marketers abandon disengaged subscribers, assuming their inaction means they’re off their brand for good. But this isn’t necessarily true. A Return Path study on e-commerce re-engagement email campaigns saw an average of 12% open rates, and regardless of whether the “win-back” email were opened, 45% of subsequent emails were opened.

Together, marketing automation and programmatic advertising can help marketers understand why these subscribers may have churned and reactivate them.

1. Target Subscribers by Intent

Essentially, cold subscribers are people who have stopped engaging with your campaigns over a period of time. For example, this might be someone who hasn’t opened or clicked on any of your emails in the last two months. With a marketing automation platform, you can set up custom triggers that identify when a contact hasn’t engaged with your campaigns for a certain period of time. You can then reach out to these prospects with content based on the actions they take (or don’t take).

Group your subscribers in the following convention to get results:

  • Shopping cart abandoners: These contacts represent the highest of intent. They browsed your products, found something that speaks to them, but, for some reason, they didn’t follow through. Send messaging to counter what you believe—and have heard from customers—is a weak point of your product. Too expensive? Offer free shipping. Out of date? Send emails out about the latest-and-greatest products.
  • Product page browsers: Browsers who view particular products but don’t purchase represent a different audience altogether. Their behavior indicates they’re intereste in a product line or category. But they’re not convinced your product is right for them or they’re simply not ready to buy. Send them mid-stage marketing content that gets them acquainted with your company, perhaps a customer testimonial or case study.
  • Reach Unsubscribed Prospects Through Alternate Ways

  • At AdRoll, we love to send out product one-pagers and blog posts explaining industry challenges. That way, when buyers are ready to decide, you will be on their mind.
  • Email subscribers who never open: Just over 20% of email marketing messages are never opene, and many of your once-intereste and engage customers may have gradually lost interest over time. Add a little variety to how you re-engage with them with the following methods:
    • Advertising: Target them with digital ads splashed across different channels to get them thinking about your brand again
    • Win-back Email: Let your subscribers know you miss them, and give them an incentive to come back. Tech news site CNET won 8% of their inactive subscribers back with a well worded message and a chance to be Exit Mobile Phone Numbers entered into a sweepstake.

Exit Mobile Phone Numbers

When your prospects opt out of promotional emails or phone calls, it does not necessarily mean they’ve become cold. These contacts might simply need more subtle methods to stay informed about your products. By migrating your unsubscribed prospects to online user IDs through a CRM retargeting service, you can reach them through targeted display ads to stay connected. Retargeting campaigns leveraging an audience list from your marketing.


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