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Following IAB, a TC String is not personal data, as it is just a Belgium WhatsApp Number List string of characters. The Belgian Data Protection Authority therefore thinks otherwise, because of the link to the IP address and a cookie. Consent is missing If personal data is processed or Belgium WhatsApp Number List collecte information. Such as preferences, is link to other personal data, permission is sometimes requir. IAB believe that it was allow to process the personal data on the basis of its legitimate interest.

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Sometimes it is inde the case that you can make a balancing Belgium WhatsApp Number List of interests. In which you weigh the privacy interests against the marketing interests. Sometimes it is possible to process personal data for marketing on this basis. Also read: Online Belgium WhatsApp Number List marketing without third party cookies. This is how you approach it But in this case, personal data is processed, enriched. Further shared with the advertisers on a large scale. This is not allowe on the basis of legitimate interest. This require permission. But it was never aske.

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IAB did not inform sufficiently In addition, IAB did not provide Belgium WhatsApp Number List sufficient information about the personal data being processe and with whom it was all shared. Some information was provid, but so vague that an average visitor couldn’t understand Belgium WhatsApp Number List what data was being process and who it would be shared with or what would happen to the data next. Even if IAB had ask for permission, the information provision was so poor that the permission would still not be valid. Anyone who used IAB must delete data IAB was fine€250,000 and is no longer allow to operate in this way. IAB will appeal against this.

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