We want training to be an experience beyond physical exercise

It is an international project: we train all over the world and we are currently working with women from 40 countries.

How and when did the project come about?
I have been working as a teacher of the method and Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers giving courses for some time. But i only did it in person in chile. Which is where i have lived for the last 6 years.

The fact of turning the school around and betting on online classes arose to cover the need of my students to continue training during the pandemic and the months of confinement.

Tell us about your clients

How were the beginnings and what barriers did you find when starting a business?
Well. The truth is that what i did was upload videos to instagram… and the students began to arrive alone.

Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers

It is true that at the beginning it was a bit complicated to manage the reservation issue. But i found an app with which i was able to solve that problem and provide a better service to my students.

Right now. Given that we train in 40 different countries. I would tell you that the biggest difficulty we encounter in our day-to-day school is managing the time difference between countries.

Interview almu morell

has the project changed a lot since those beginnings by sharing videos on instagram? How is almu morell hypopressives now?
Not much… very much! At first she took classes one at a time. I had four classes a week. Then eight. Then fifteen… And today the almu morell school already has 200 students a day. A great growth!


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